They’ll be the envy of everyone in the office for months before, the days of, weeks after and every time the trip is mentioned from now until the end of time.

Too much?


Well, there’s bound to be a mix of jealousy and excitement for eight lucky consultants who just landed themselves spots on an upcoming famil to Europe and one who earned herself a free trip to the United States.

Garrath Ridd, Helloworld; James Hughes, Flight Centre; Lela Hopkins, Helloworld; Telisha Kelso, Flight Centre; Brenda Simon, Helloworld; Brad Sward, Flight Centre; Caitlin Byrne, Flight Centre; and Katrina Miragliotta, Helloworld are all heading off a rail trip across Europe after graduating Rail Europe’s 2017 Rail Expert training program with flying colours.



Although there could only be eight people selected for the trip, top scorers for each of the 10 training modules were given $100 VISA gift cards and every Travel Agent who qualified received a certificate and an ‘I’m a Rail Expert’ banner for their email signature.

Meanwhile, over Escape Travel in Bendigo, Nichole Hammer is planning her very own USA escape after being named the winner of Brand USA, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Australia’s ‘Big Badge Bonanza’.


As part of the ‘Bonanza’ Agents were asked to complete 16 new Brand USA specialist badges in order to compete for a chance to win a trip for two to any US cities on the Delta network.

According to Brand USA, the competition attracted 522 new users, but there could only be one winner… Nichole!

Nichole said she’s always had a special place in her heart from the USA and believes her “newly found knowledge” will help her sell with confidence.

“It was such a surprise to have been called to say I won the major prize; I’m having fun planning my next trip – I’m thinking of visiting a couple of the southern states,” she said.


Join us in congratulating these Agents on their upcoming trips.