This travel company could quite possibly hold the best work Christmas parties in the history of office parties, with this enormous indoor ‘Slip ‘n Slide’.

A photo of the company’s head office party was posted to Reddit last week and shows the company’s leaders huddling around the edges of the lengthy ride as one of their colleagues (wearing a full suit) slides down the water slide – head first.

Although the employee declined to name the company, KarryOn suspects the ‘Slip ‘n Slide’ was set up at Flight Centre’s head office in Brisbane.

The Reddit user told Ninemsn that the slide is about 60 metres long and is set up inside the office every year for Christmas.

“There are always some great costumes and tactics used, and this year’s competition was won by our Australian GM!”

Travelator, Reddit user

The image has received over 500 comments on Reddit, including one from DZCreeper who wants to apply for an internship at the company.

Others wanted to know what was used to lubricate the slide and some said it reminded them of a scene from ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

Flight Centre slip n slide

What did your office get up to for this year’s Christmas party? Was it better than this?