Say hello to the legends of the industry who’ve chosen to work in ‘travel for life’. We find out what they’ve learnt on their own personal travel journey and what insights they have to share.

These are the ultra passionate, much-loved folk that continue to inspire others by going above and beyond in their everyday roles and living the ‘travel for life’ mantra to the max.

We catch up with Josh Zuker, who after a stint of cheffing, decided the travel life for the life for him! Josh is currently channelling lots of love and hard work into his own travel agency, Josh Zuker Travel, which was recently awarded the Express Travel Group ‘Agent of the year 2019’.


How did you get started within the industry?

Karry On - Josh Zuker

Josh hung up his chef hat for a life of travel

When I finished TAFE (all that time ago), I qualified as a chef, working extra long hours and nights.

My parents wanted me to do something different, so they enrolled me in travel college and the rest is history.


What made you want to become a consultant?

Karry On - Josh Zuker

I have a passion for travel, and a strong interest in aviation, so I was determined to be the best I could be and share my knowledge with people.


What is it about the travel industry that you love the most and why?

Karry On - Deals of the Week

I love to share the world with people that have the interest to explore the world myself.

Still to this day, I love the memories people share with me and how it makes them feel.

Especially in such a digital world, nothing beats a good chat with a client; hearing how they explored the city and were mesmerised throughout their journey.


Who inspires you within our industry?

Sir Richard Branson.


What message would you share to a student entering the industry for the first time?

Karry On - Josh Zuker

Be you, be real, and best of all, have fun in a world that continually changes!


What are some of your favourite things about being a travel advisor?

Karry On - Josh Zuker

How I have been extremely fortunate to see most of the world, travel in luxury and have the ability to work from anywhere.


What are some aspects of being an advisor that you’d like to change?

Karry On - Josh Zuker

How the “online” world still needs to trust “real” people.

So many travel companies are going under, and many people are being stranded, missing out on the trip they’ve been looking forward to going on or losing so much hard-earned money.


What lesson have you learnt recently that you are now implementing?

Karry On - Josh Zuker

Recently we opened up a corporate office in a busy main street in Melbourne (Hampton).

I have found that people like to see people, so it is a really good feeling to have some of our clients feeling comfortable in our new office space, compared to just working over the phone, email or just their home.


What has been your most memorable trip?

Karry On - Air New Zealand New York

Hands down New York City! How on every corner you will find something different and how this city has the ability for you to get lost and explore.


What’s next on your bucketlist?

Karry On - Josh Zuker

2019 brought us Victoria Travel Agency of the Year under Express Travel Group, so it would be amazing to back this up and take the award in 2020.


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