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The 38th Annual Travel South International Showcase is currently underway in St Louis, Missouri with roving reporter Zoe Macfarlane on the ground with the hottest news from the first day of appointments.

The 38th Annual Travel South International Showcase is currently underway in St Louis, Missouri with roving reporter Zoe Macfarlane on the ground with the hottest news from the first day of appointments.

After a day of excursions around St Louis – the Gateway to the West – 500 tourism professionals from around the world have got down to business with a lively day of Travel South USA appointments. Here’s the newsiest news around from the US’s Southern States.


Australia: El Scorchio!

Karry On Travel South

Aussies Just Wanna Have Fun – at Fitz’s in St Louis – Credit Travel South USA

We know Australians make awesome travellers *glows with pride*, but the word on the ground today has been that the southern states of the US know it too. Across the day, Australia has been recognised (and praised) as one of the region’s most desirable emerging markets. Sizzling news, huh?


Intrepid: Fortune Favours the Bold

Karry On Travel South

Jessica Johnson Accepts the Intrepid’s Award at Travel South International Showcase – Credit Travel South USA

One of our own had a coup today, with Intrepid presented with a dope-as award. The only Australian company recognised, Intrepid was presented with an International Operator Ambassador Award for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the tourism economy of the South.

Intrepid’s Jessica Johnson accepted the award, commenting, “It’s incredible to be recognised for the work we have put into creating more tours and into promoting the South.”

“Last year’s Travel South International Showcase inspired new itineraries, including our incredible Mardi Gras festival trip that tours Louisiana’s smaller festivals. We’ve seen over 30% growth in sales to the region thanks to this inspiring region.”

Jessica Johnson, Intrepid


Missouri: the old-new Gateway to the West

Karry On Travel South

St Louis is the 2019 Travel South International Showcase Host – Credit Travel South USA

With the hometown advantage, St Louis was quick to showcase the new and improved Gateway Arch, offering free tickets to experience this old-but-new attraction. The iconic Gateway Arch, stylishly protruding from the St Louis skyline, invested a cool $380 million in renovating the grounds, and building a top-notch museum.

While the 52-year-old arch and quirky capsule ride to the top remains the same, the informative museum brings to life the city’s colonial history, in a stylish and illuminating display that has revitalised the city’s star attraction.


Louisiana: The New Orleans Party Doesn’t Stop

Karry On Travel South

Award-winning Louis York Won Our Souls at Lunch – Credit Travel South USA

There’s no need to stop the New Orleans party once you hop in an Uber, thanks to the new international airport swinging their doors wide this November. The formerly dated and lacklustre airport experience has been traded out for the modernised Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY).

Heavily infused with New Orleans vibes, it’s now possible to cram in one last beignet, catch the final chords of some epic ‘Nawlins jazz, or to wander the airport’s local art, before sadly boarding the airplane home.


Kentucky: A Mammoth Adventure

Karry On Travel South

Learning about the Clydesdales at Anheiser Busch in St Louis – Credit Travel South USA

In Kentucky, the big 2020 news is the reopening of the Wondering Woods Cave in the Mammoth Cave National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Found in central Kentucky, the Mammoth Cave National Park offers some 400+ miles of caverns and passages to explore and is the longest known cave system in the world.

After being closed to the public for 40 years, the Wondering Woods Cave is set to welcome visitors again next year, after a swift access upgrade to assist with entry to these once-treasured caves.


Tennessee: Your Country Needs You

Karry On Travel South

A Bluegrass Band Provided the Post Appointment Entertainment – Credit Travel South USA

The Tennessee Music Pathways offers visitors a self-guided pilgrimage along the state’s iconic country music locations.

Those who can’t get enough of the sounds should check out the launch of filmmaker Ken Burn’s epic 16-hour “Country Music” documentary. Road trippers can explore the 22 Tennessee locations featured in Burns’ movie, stamping the Tennessee Music Pathways passport as they travel. Sights include the birthplace of country in Bristol, Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame, and Memphis’ Sun Studios.


2020 Vision

Travel South

Next year’s Travel South International Showcase is confirmed for New Orleans, Louisiana. Woop!