We’re sure you get customers come in to see you who are on the fence about whether to travel to Asia independently or to travel as part of a group tour.

While touring China on Wendy Wu’s Mega Famil this week, we spoke to the Asia touring specialist’s BDMs Angelina Briscoe and Christine Yatridis to find out the benefits of tours.


1. Getting a great cultural experience with national & local guides

Angelina says one of most valuable parts of booking a Wendy Wu tour through Asia is having national guides and local escorts on hand who “eat, breathe and live the country” you’re visiting.

“They’re passionate about their home country, and that’s what Wendy is passionate about: making it possible for our clients to see the authenticity of a country whether is be China whether it be Vietnam whether it be Japan whether it be India,” she says.


2. You’ll learn more about the story behind the famous monuments

“It’s wonderful having someone explain everything you’ll see,” Christine explains.

Both the Wendy Wu’s national guide who is with the customers throughout the whole trip and their local escort give rich details about what you’re seeing.

As Angelina puts it, “you don’t want to just point and click like here’s The Great Wall without knowing any historical points”.


3. You’ll make new friends

“If you’re a solo traveller it’s a great place to make friends,” says Angelina.

You already have a common interest in Asian travel, so there is a starting ground for forming some great friendships. You could meet a great travel buddy who you go on future trips with or maybe you could even meet your soul mate!

Angelia says Wendy Wu’s guides pride themselves on helping the group bond.


4. You don’t need to stress over food allergies

With both a language barrier and a big difference in the type of food you’ll be eating, travelling alone through Asia with a food intolerance could be tricky.

“With any allergies, if you’ve got special food needs we can make sure the guides cater to that,” Christine explains.

“You don’t need to stress if you can’t speak the language because you’ve got your guide to communicate with the locals for you.”


5. The language barrier wont be a problem


Image: Yogurt Yogurt/Unsplash

Don’t expect that everyone in China or Asia in general speaks English. More often than not you will find there is a language barrier when trying to communicate with locals.

Having local guides on hand solves this issue completely.


6. You don’t need to worry


Image: Ying Wu/Unsplash

A classic line you will hear Wendy Wu’s guides say is “don’t worry about it”. Seriously – because they don’t want you to. They will take care of it.

These tours are all inclusive and your guides become almost like your guardian angel, leading you through foreign and exciting countries.


7. There are tours to suit everyone


A younger, more active person might worry that an older, less active group on their tour could hold them up or visa versa.

This is why Wendy Wu has three different types of tours that cater to different clients: classic, immersive and deluxe options.

On top of this they also have private tour options for those who want more flexibility – perhaps those fence sitters we talked about earlier.

“The good thing with Wendy Wu is that we also have private touring options with local guides so you can still have that tailor made bespoke touring experience if that’s what you’d prefer,” Angelina explains.


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Do your clients prefer tours or solo travel around Asia? Let us know below.