The creative bunch down at Reho Travel has done it again. Over the last decade, the team’s imaginative Christmas cards have become collectors’ items and this year is no exception!

The tradition started in 2009 with individual hand-drawn cards by Alick Banda, Malawian artist and co-founder of Rehope, the company’s charity arm.

This year’s effort is a collaboration with CEO Karsten Horne and renowned Melbourne artist Paul Orton.

Titled ‘The Bcorp Puzzle’, it celebrates Reho’s recent Bcorp recertification and membership of 1% for the planet.


The card

Reho Travel Christmas Cards

“This year we decided to have some fun with it, celebrating our 40th birthday with a Christmas card that has 40 key elements in it, each one with its own special meaning”.

Karsten Horne, Reho Travel CEO

The team put on their Travel to Change the World hats on and dived in for a closer look.

Hidden amongst the Christmas decorations are many treasures collected from around the world by Karsten’s wife, Michelle.

Tree decorations include Reho and Travel to Change the World ambassador – Karen Hill on her mountain bike, an angel made out of recycled tin and a keep cup.

There is also a beautiful tribute to long-time Reho consultant Lydia Ozich, who passed away earlier this year.

Under the tree, we’ve found a gift from one of Reho’s charity partners, Love Mercy, in recognition of the 500km run recently completed in Uganda by Pat Farmer.

We wonder what is inside the gift-wrapped in climate change rally headlines? Maybe a change of government?

We can guess what is inside the aboriginal art wrapped gift, for sure it’s the new Travel to Change the World bike kit!

We asked Karsten about the puzzle itself, “The puzzle pieces each represent the key elements that are important in achieving Bcorp status. Community, Workers, Governance, Environment, Customers, in addition, there is a piece representing our goal of a travel industry where moral sensitivity and trust outweigh price sensitivity”.

Wow, these guys certainly put a lot of thought into their Christmas cards, I hope we are on their Christmas card list!

How is your shop celebrating Christmas this year?

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