Eco-Legend, Exodus Travels, has announced the launch of its new initiative, The Exodus Travels Foundation, which aims to promote responsible and sustainable tourism across the globe.

This is a fantastic initiative that everyone can get involved with, to help create sustainable change in the industry and around the world.

You’re working in the travel industry because you are completely in love with the magic of the World, yes?


Well, eco is in and consciousness is rising.

So, join the movement. Get talking to your customers and use your position to educate and inspire travellers to take responsibility for their impact when they travel.


What exactly is this new foundation?

Karry On - Exodus Travels Foundation

The mission (if you choose to accept it):
to harness the power of travel to create meaningful, sustainable change.

The goal:
to ensure local communities benefit from tourism in their regions, and to educate and inspire travellers to take responsibility for their impact when they travel.

The foundation is built on Exodus’ three guiding principles of empowerment, education and the environment.

The Exodus Travels Foundation supports initiatives all around the world, from sending kids on inspirational days out, to supporting specific projects such as a community rainwater harvesting project in Kenya.

Travel and tourism is one of the biggest industries on the planet and is responsible for the employment of 1 in 10 people globally. That’s a huge opportunity to use a worldwide network to promote positive change.

“By shining a light on the projects we’re implementing, we hope we can help Australians and New Zealanders make more conscious and sustainable decisions when travelling”

Louisa Day, Exodus Australasian Territory Manager


The Porter Project – an initiative to empower women

Karry On - Exodus Travels Foundation

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the porters of the world. These men and women are considered to be the backbone of trekking, carrying 20kg luggage ON THEIR HEADS (Seriously, HOW?) every day, allowing travellers to reach Kilimanjaro’s summit in comfort.

Through the Porter Project, an initiative that funds off-season porter schools, and offers scholarships to promising porters, Exodus is giving females the opportunity to succeed, being one of the few tour operators in the world employing women on the trek.

Kilimanjaro currently has a workforce made up of only 18% women. Ten years ago, there were none.

The powerful documentary ‘Ngumu’, shines a spotlight on the incredible female porters of Mt. Kilimanjaro raises awareness of the challenges and advancements of women on the mountain and promotes the growth of females in the workforce.

Click here to watch the amazing documentary

Adventurers can help support the porters of Kilimanjaro and take on their own challenge to reach the summit on these routes with Exodus Travels:
Kilimanjaro Climb Rongai Route
Kilimanjaro Climb – Lemosho Route


How can agents help?

Karry On - Exodus Travels Foundation

The Exodus Travels Foundation cannot exist without the backing of passionate agents and travellers. With over 600+ tours across the globe, supporting Exodus and the foundation means being part of a movement to drive positive change within the travel industry.

So, talk to your clients about sustainable travel options and you might just inspire them to make a more conscious choice when it comes to booking their next trip.

Click here to find out more about the Exodus Foundation.