#travelforlife: Kirsty Lucas, National Sales & Partnerships Manager at Scoot Australia

Meet Kirsty, an inspiring young woman who is fulfilling her wanderlust and expanding her horizons with Scoot. Read more as she shares her story…

Meet Kirsty, an inspiring young woman who is fulfilling her wanderlust and expanding her horizons with Scoot. Read more as she shares her story…


Where did you start your career in the industry?

Arguably the best state in Australia…(I’m strongly biased!). I grew up in Western Australia and started my career working for a ferry company that travels to Rottnest Island. Not a bad gig for a self-confessed water lover, selling one of the most idyllic/iconic locations in the state. I was 17 when I started in the reservations team and was fortunate enough to stay through the entirety of my university degree, eventually fulfilling the role of General Manager before moving to Sydney.


What do you do in your current role?


I’m currently a part of a pint-sized powerhouse team here in Australia sharing the Scoot story! Along with our team in Singapore at HQ, I work with and support our trade partners, making sure they’re up-to-date on Scoot’s newest product offerings working together to fill those bright yellow Dreamliner’s leaving Australia. I’m always on the lookout for strategic partnerships and media opportunities that are going to help us inspire new or entice existing customers to jump on Scoot and fulfil their wanderlust.


What lesson have you learnt recently that you are now implementing?

Pack light.  Having jumped on near on 20 flights in the last couple months carry-on luggage has become my best friend! I was a serial over-packer before I joined Scoot…


How have you seen the industry change in the past 12 months?

The traveller is demanding the industry sit up and listen at a much faster pace than ever before. Whether it’s about customer experience driving loyalty, environmental initiatives being implemented, sustainable tourism programs or the rate of expected innovation and new product development, travel brands are required to innovate faster than ever or be left behind in the wake of those that do.


What has been a highlight in your career to date?

How can I go past the people we meet in this industry?! Whether it’s working with our awesome team to see a project come together, colleagues that have turned into best friends or people I’ve met overseas on famils or trade missions in places like India, Singapore, Berlin and the Maldives, there is something electric about meeting passionate, like-minded people who share a crazy enthusiasm for travel & tourism.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some extremely talented young tourism gurus whilst co-chairing Young YATEC in Perth, sitting on the NSW ATEC Committee and co-mc’ing International Women’s Day lunch in Sydney.


What trends can you share to our readers that will help them about air travel?

Now is the best time to fulfil your wanderlust and expand your horizons. Emerging destinations are now on the rise, if you take a look at the unbundled airline network it’ll often be ‘second-tier’ destinations, where the roads are less crowded and stories ready for the making.


Who inspires you in the industry? 

Kohen Grogan, Tech Entrepreneur MD & Founder Yappy Group
Kohen is a young entrepreneur (and fellow passionate West Australian!) He started his tech business in his garage with $2000 and over the past 7 years I’ve watched him (and his team) work furiously to succeed, stay humble, share his knowledge and passion with the industry. Kohen constantly puts his money where his mouth is and gives back to the community both locally and internationally most recently riding a bike across the ocean to Rottnest Island to raise funds and awareness around global poverty and education…what a legend!

Where would you like to see the industry in 3-5 years?


I’d like to see the industry investing in the career development of young tourism professionals. Higher than a brand/company level, more than awards – I’d like to see investment from both the private and public sector to share the story of tourism professionals that are killing it in travel. Creating initiatives and campaigns to target universities, tafes and colleges to inspire students to consider a career in this multi-faceted industry.


What advice would you give an industry newbie?

Find a mentor. Ask questions, listen and learn but don’t ever be scared to challenge the status quo and speak your mind. Enthusiasm and passion can’t be taught and they are invaluable in this industry.

Network. Go to events, meet new people, make friends – some of my closest friends are those who started as industry colleagues.

Jump in with both feet. Say yes to volunteer work whilst you’re studying. Say hi to customers, find out their travel story. Don’t be frightened by things you don’t know, learn.

Start at the bottom, work hard, learn, listen and challenge what has come before you.


How has working in travel changed you?


Travelling makes me feel small. It reminds me that whilst my world seems crazy and often over-whelming there is a big wide world out there to be explored, experienced and enjoyed.


How can we as an industry ‘travel to change the world?”


I see those of us who work in travel, every facet of travel as advocates of travel, everywhere. Whether it’s sustainable travel, ways to combat over-tourism, environmental initiatives to help local communities, we have the ability to shine a big bright spotlight on it all and share it with those who we inspire to travel.


If you could travel anywhere on any budget, where would it be and why?

Antarctica on an expedition vessel. It’s something about being so far away, in a place unworldly compared to my day-to-day that I know would blow my socks off. Ponant Cruises have teamed up with National Geographic to create a number of expeditions, portions of the profits are donated to the National Geographic Society, which supports researchers and experts engaged in protecting and preserving the planet and its various species and populations, which I just think is COOL.


How has working in travel changed YOU?