Want to hear some REALLY CRAZY statistics? Some 40 percent of people booking a holiday say they’ve messed up their travel plans because they used an online booking site instead of a Travel Agent.

Crazy right?! That’s a valuable item that people spend months (sometimes even years) saving for!

The same study conducted by Skyscanner, found that 70 percent of online bookers are freaked out about making mistakes so-much-so that 34 percent said they spend more than 15 minutes double checking and reviewing the booking before pressing the ‘confirm’ button (fair enough, because it’s a hard task getting a computer to correct an online booking error).

The biggest blunder those booking online are worried they’ll make is choosing the wrong day and time (55 percent)…


Entering the wrong passenger details (18 percent)…


Booking without check-in baggage allowance (12 percent)…


And booking the wrong airport or destination (nine percent)…


After reviewing these concerns we here at KARRYON have taken it upon ourselves to find a solution that’ll ensure travellers no longer need to worry about making booking errors, no longer need to stress about the booking process and can happily count down the days ’till their big getaway.

Ready for it?


They’re trained to know product like the back of their hands, they take on the stress of ensuring all details are locked in correctly and sometimes, they’ll even treat you with a few fun surprises along your holiday journey.

If that doesn’t convince you, click here for nine more reasons to book with a Travel Agent.

For those who don’t take our advice and choose to book online, Skyscanner says the best way to avoid making mistakes is to create an itinerary calendar that shows where you’ll be each day and ask a friend to double check details before booking.

If an error is made in the airline booking, Skyscanner says to call the airline immediately, and if the error is in the hotel booking, call the property and ask them to move the date instead of cancelling, this way they’ll be less likely to charge a fee.


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What’s the biggest online booking error you’ve made?