It was only a few months ago she was laughing among industry friends, sharing 12 months worth of stories and proudly accepting a much-deserved accolade at the TravelManagers Conference.

Today, Denise Dean’s family and colleagues mourn the sudden loss of this beautiful and friendly soul who sadly passed away on 24 November 2017.

In a statement, TravelManagers said the representative for Hendra in Brisbane suffered a brain aneurism on Tuesday and died a few days later at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

She was 59 years young, and will sorely be missed by her close-knit TravelManagers family and those in the industry who were lucky enough to meet her.

Denise feature

The agency group’s Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, described Denise or as friends would call her, DD, as a positive and enthusiastic person with a “complete love of life”.

He said in the three years of her time at the company, she touched everyone by simply being “a beautiful person inside and out”.

“Denise’s sudden departure from this world has come as a complete shock and she will be greatly missed by us all.”

Michael Gazal, TravelManagers Executive General Manager

Personal Travel Managers across Australia have taken to social media to share their grief and provide comfort to each other at the sudden and tragic loss of their friend and colleague.

Brisbane based PTM Simon Tinkler shares his tribute to his “beautiful Denise”, saying he’ll always remember how her “face would light up” whenever she saw him and the way she’d “glide across the room like Judy Garland”.


Denise [left] at the TravelManagers Conference earlier this year.

“Standing with you it all felt all so First Class with champagne.”

Simon Tinkler, Personal Travel Manager

“You put style and elegance back into our lives and helped me glimpse the golden age of travel. I loved your hair, your make up, your shoes, and your shining eyes. It breaks my heart to bid you farewell.”

Karen Dowling, who worked intimately with Denise as the Queensland BPM, described her friend as the “epitome of a Personal Travel Manager” through her integrity and infinite passion for the industry, clients and fellow colleagues.

“Denise was an instrumental campaigner for the TravelManagers brand and was profusely generous with her time, guidance and support to her fellow colleagues and suppliers,” she said.

“Denise was awarded the 2017 Advocate Award at this year’s annual TravelManagers Conference in Darwin.


Karen [second from right] says her friend Denise is irreplaceable.

“On a personal note, above all, Denise was my friend.”

“She was compassionate, thoughtful, elegant and inspiring. All those who knew her will wholeheartedly agree, Denise is simply irreplaceable.”

Karen Dowling, TravelManagers

Karen has been with Denise’s family over the last few days providing support and comfort.

Denise, had been in the travel industry for 26 years, yet it was joining TravelManagers in 2014 that she felt really at home. Earlier this year she celebrated her personal best month of commission sales where she highlighted her passion for her clients and her love of being a PTM.

“Three years ago, I became a personal travel manager and I haven’t looked back. My clients inspire me and they are the reason I get out of bed every day. My family is number one, so being home and available is the greatest benefit for me of being home based and the opportunity to combine personal interests with travel has been a dream come true.”

Denise leaves her husband Robert and children Elliott, Claudia and Simona.

Dean’s funeral service will be held at 10.00am on Thursday 30 November at St. Agatha’s Parish Church at 52 Oriel Road, Clayfield.

The family has asked in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Queensland Brain Institute.

Were you lucky enough to meet Denise?