Airfare support, tick. Marketing support, tick. Supplier support, tick. Financial support, tick. Promotional support, tick. Work/life support, tick. Mental health support, coming soon.

TravelManagers has teamed up with PeopleSense Australia to launch the Network Assistance Program (or NAP for short), a program that provides Personal Travel Managers (PTMs) around Australia with easy access to professional psychologists at any time of the day/night for free.

Commencing 1 September 2018, psychologists can assist with anything from urgent issues, depression, anxiety, bullying, anger, workplace conflict, domestic violence or even just a simple mental check-up.


Image: Melissa Askew/Unsplash

Speaking at the group’s annual conference in Hawaii, General Manager Michael Gazal said that although PTMs are unbelievably supportive of each other, sometimes people need professional care and PeopleSense can provide that 24/7.

“We want to give true and professional support and care when times are tough.”

Michael Gazal, TravelManagers General Manager

PTMs who contact PeopleSense in an urgent state will be transferred to a psychologist immediately. Others will receive a face-to-face appointment either in person or, for those living remotely, via Skype.

Consultants will have access to six free sessions with the psychologist, and everything discussed (even the appointment) will remain completely confidential.


Image: Emma Simpson/Unsplash

PeopleSense’s Derick Borean stressed to KARRYON that the service is open to those in need of urgent assistance, as well as any PTM who feels as though they need a bit of professional support.

“Mental illeness is very much apart of our lives.”

Derick Borean, PeopleSense

“Some of the more common calls we receive, revolve around anxiety, depression and chronic sadness, but relationship difficulties is a common one, as is family issues,” he said.

“While this is a service provided through employers, only around 20 percent of calls are actually about work.”

Outside of individual problems, the service can extend into group mediation, which is an effective way of dealing with conflict at work.


Join us in congratulating TravelManagers for taking an initiative to support Agents with their mental health.