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Tropical Vibes: Party Like You're In New Caledonia This Christmas

Okay, so you might not be able to actually go to the beautiful South Pacific nation of New Caledonia for Christmas this year, but you can bring the tropical festive vibes to your place! Here's how...

Okay, so you might not be able to actually go to the beautiful South Pacific nation of New Caledonia for Christmas this year, but you can bring the tropical festive vibes to your place! Here’s how…

We know you’re dreaming of a palm laced escape to the sunny island of New Caledonia right now, and we don’t think you’ll have to wait too much longer to go, but in the meantime, how about throwing your friends, family, and even customers a tropical-themed fête at home or at work, celebrating the sights, tastes and sounds of NC?

We think it sounds très bon.

The French paradise of New Caledonia is the east coast’s closest neighbour and while it’s not really very far at all, it boasts a unique culture, mouth-watering cuisine, world-class beaches and plenty of exciting things to see and do.

You can even think of your New Cal inspired Christmas party as the warm-up to the holiday you, your loved ones, and your clients 100% deserve.

So let’s go…

How to: Dress like you’re in New Cal

Karryon-New Caledonia-810x460_Diving-into-Kanak-culture-with-We-Ce-Ca-©-Marine-Reveilhac---NCTPS-Nouméa
©Marine Reveilhac/NCTPS Nouméa

There’s a few fun options here, depending on what you’re into.

Channel your inner Spice Girl and represent New Caledonia with a cute flag dress, or simply take inspiration from one of the two flags of New Cal. The Kanak flag is blue, red, green, yellow and black and then, of course, you have the French tricolor of blue, white and red.

The New Caledonia Kanak flag

If you’re feeling tropical, you might choose to go a bit extra with a traditional South Pacific vibe or get the stripes out for more of a fashionable ensemble.

However you dress, make sure you’re wearing a friendly smile to complete the look.

How to: Decorate like you’re in New Cal

Who doesn’t love a good decoration? Here, you can let your creativity run wild with a fun mix of traditional Christmas decs, South Pacific themed decs – fishes, boats, cheese, palm trees, souveniers from your last trip etc.

Oh, and don’t forget the flag bunting!

How to: Eat and drink like you’re in New Cal

©NCTPS Nouméa
Karryon_New Cal-810x460_Creperie-Le-Rocher--©-Toko---NCTPS-Nouméa
Creperie Le Rocher ©Toko/NCTPS Nouméa

New Caledonia is renowned for its incredible food and wine scene, so you can’t be winging it when it comes to snacks and treats.

Pretty much anything French and tasty will go down well; so think crepes, martinis, pastries, fresh seafood, wine, cheese, meringue and anything else that makes you think of this dreamy destination.

New Caledonia
The Signature by Le Chai de l’Hippodrome

Inspired by the bright, tropical flavours of the Pacific, as well as New Caledonia’s French roots, here’s ‘The Signature’ cocktail by Le Chai de l’Hippodrome, Noumea, to start you off right:


  • 20ml vanilla syrup
  • 20ml Cointreau
  • 20ml lemon juice
  • 40ml strawberry concentrate
  • 8-10 ice cubes

To serve:

  • Crushed ice
  • Pinot noir champagne
  • A slice of fresh pineapple, for garnish

Method: Combine vanilla syrup, Cointreau, lemon juice, strawberry concentrate and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Shake well, and strain into a wine glass. Add crushed ice until glass is approximately 2/3 full, then top up with champagne. To serve, garnish with a pineapple slice.


How to: Party like you’re in New Cal

Now you’ve got a cocktail in hand, you can start thinking about the kind of atmosphere you’d like to create.

New Cal themed music is the perfect way to set the mood and start the party.

Make sure you check out the Kosmopolite Association DJ set from when they played at Isle of Pines or Sounds of New Cal by Crooked Colours.

Then all you’ve gotta do is showcase your epic moves.

For more of a laid back feel, close your eyes to this ambient track and pretend you’re there.

How to: Win a trip to New Cal

New Caledonia_Editorial_iNVITATION-1_810

Okay, so it’s all well and good throwing an epic New Cal party, but how about having the chance to actually win a trip to travel to New Cal, once borders reopen?

New Caledonia Tourism is excited to invite its wonderful agents to a virtual lunch ‘n’ learn to catch up and celebrate the end of a difficult year for the travel industry.

Where? Wherever you like, it’s virtual.

When? 19 November at 1pm (AEDT)

What’s happening? You’ll be treated to informal French lessons, a Q&A session, interactive games and prizes, the opportunity to catch up with both the team and other agents to celebrate all things New Caledonia. 

Agents are also encouraged to prepare themselves a French dish or a New-Cal inspired cocktail, don their best French stripes, and decorate their virtual background.

Destination themed prizes will be given out for:

  • Best French-inspired dish or cocktail
  • Best New Caledonia themed dress up
  • Best New Caledonia themed background

As well as celebrating all things New Caledonia, agents who attend the live-streamed event will also go into a lucky draw to win a spot on a New Caledonia famil in 2021.

Keen? Sign up right here.

Click here for more information and here to upskill on all things New Caledonia.

Hero image: Christmas beach celebrations. © S. Ducandas NCTPS

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