Have you got a client who seems to have been ‘EVERYWHERE’ already? Who wants bragging rights for something no one else has done before? How about the DEEPEST TOUR ON EARTH?

For the first time ever Flight Centre has launched a new Deep Sea Submarine Cruise.

The 23-day one-of-a-kind submarine experience will see your guests devotin’ full time to floatin’ (claustrophobic travellers steer clear).

The tour will head through the North and South Atlantic Oceans, stopping in the Bermuda Triangle, and Mariana Trench in the Pacific, seeing all of the beautiful sea life and hidden treasures of the ocean floor along the way.

Those brave enough to take the tour can channel their inner David Attenborough and be one of the first to explore commercial deep sea submarine safaris.

The intimate tour takes just 25 passengers and includes a buffet seafood breakfast (mmmm… free range seaweed and caviar and a cup of cold pressed salt extract sea water).


On the theme of seaweed, you can also enjoy a bonus unwind with a relaxing 60-minute seaweed wrap spa treatment for 2 at Ariel’s Grotto Spa.

Oh, and getting there and back? No worries, the tour includes return Economy airfares in the cargo hold (family pets fly free woo)!

Don’t worry; oxygen, cabin pressure and inflight entertainment are included – just pack that 7kg bag and head to the airport! To upgrade your luggage allowance just ask our Holiday Experts.

Oh and one last thing. Happy April Fools Day!

Do you actually know a client who would go on a submarine tour?