When it comes to parents returning to work in the travel industry on a more flexible basis after having children, are employers doing enough to accommodate them?

Recruitment team leader at TMS Talent, Adrian Boccia thinks employers could be doing more.

He said while the travel sector had come a long way in offering more flexible options for parents, employers still needed to undertake a cultural shift within their business.

“Travel employers willing to think differently and challenge the status quo when it comes to hiring parents returning to work and flexible working stand to gain in the race for top talent.”

Adrian Boccia TMS Talent

Historically, the majority of those returning to the travel industry part-time have been women, but increasingly fathers also want the flexibility to be able to help juggle parenting responsibilities.

“Parents returning to work are an incredible untapped resource,” Adrian said.

Having run a bricks and mortar retail travel store himself, one of Adrian’s key hiring strategies is to employ parents, particularly women returning to work.”

He often found such women were experienced travel professionals who required little to no training to return to a position they had previously held.

He said he found them “resilient and adaptable employees who demonstrate an ability to multi-task like no other”.

He commented that as a travel recruiter, he has found that clients who are willing to offer flexibility are rewarded with a highly motivated and diverse team that goes the extra mile for their clients.

“I challenge all travel employers to change their mindset when considering hiring a new employee,” he said.


He asks them: Have you considered a part-time employee returning to work?

Commenting that the calibre of individual you can secure on a more flexible basis could be just the refreshing change your business needs to grow and succeed.