ICONICALLY EPIC: The choice is yours in Great Britain

Jaw-dropping scenery, lively entertainment & adventures waiting round every corner, there’s no shortage of reasons why its called 'Great' Britain.

Jaw-dropping scenery, lively entertainment & adventures waiting round every corner, there’s no shortage of reasons why its called ‘Great’ Britain.

Although pint-sized, Britain is overflowing with an endless choice of vibrant experiences and adventures, there is even more to this dynamic destination than historic castles and Big Ben.

Venture beyond the big ticket items and you will be amazed by the inspiring live music, unforgettable nightlife, lip-smacking street food and colourful culture.

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Choose the iconic sights and experiences in mega-metropolis London or explore a little further afield and delve into epic adventures in more regional areas to find your very own Great Britain




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KARRYON-Etihad-Visit Britain-Great-Britain-London

London’s calling! With so much to do and see in the nation’s capital, it can be hard to know where to begin.

This bustling city is fit-to-burst with action-packed activities, sightseeing opportunities, historical sites, pubs and restaurants, and more.

Whether you’ve got the luxury of a week or a mere 48 hours, London is the perfect place to get a true taste for Britain.


Stroll down the Strand

KARRYON-Etihad-Visit Britain-Great-Britain-London-The-Strand

If you’re keen to tick off lots of sights of your London To-See list, a quick trip down The Strand should do the trick.

This famous thoroughfare (that was once home to Virginia Woolf!) runs from Trafalgar Square and ends up in the suit-ridden City, and is lined with historically relevant mansions, palaces, shops and theatres.


Cosy up in Covent Garden 

KARRYON-Etihad-Visit Britain-Great-Britain-London-Covent-Garden

This quintessentially British neighbourhood is home to the world-famous indoor market. With an abundance of wacky street performers and quaint little coffee shops and boutiques, has rightfully earned its global reputation as one of London’s must-see sights.

If you’re having a meal within the covered market, enjoy the stunning sounds of a string quartet named the Abraxas Ensemble, who often play sporadically to the delight of diners and tourists.


Clamber through The Cotswolds

If you fancy travelling a little further afield, (or, to a literal field) then the stunning views of the Cotswolds are only a few hours away from London.

You can enjoy the rolling hills, deep limestone valleys and unwooded vales of this region with ease which was declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1966 (yes, that’s a real accolade). 




Manchester is a true unsung British treasure. The city is effortlessly cool and packed full of epic live music, culture, art and fabulous finds.

It’s full of great foodie spots, up-and-coming trendy new neighbourhoods and an endless list of musical and cultural events.

What Manchester also offers, is the gateway to explore further afield and experience the epically beautiful landscapes outside the major cities.


Peak to Peak

KARRYON-Etihad-Visit Britain-Great-Britain-Peak-District

The clue is in the name. The Peak district, a stunning mountainous national park located just an hour outside of Manchester and makes for a perfect day out for the walkers and hikers of this world.

The dramatic scenes upon the blustery moorland are like something out of a great British Romance novel or painting – it’ll leave you breathless.


Lark Around Lakes

KARRYON-Etihad-Visit Britain-Great-Britain-Lakes-District

The Lake District is England’s largest national park and is arguably it’s most beautiful, littered with spectacular watery pockets, ranging from smaller lakes to vast reservoirs, it’s a sight to be seen. 

Easily accessible, The Lakes are only a short drive from the central Northern hub of Manchester and served as inspiration to some of England’s literary greats, such as Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth.



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