It can take years to master the skills needed to be a successful Travel Agent. Over at Qantas, they’re making your job easier.


Qantas has released their new digital learning platform packed with interactive and engaging learning bites that you can access from anywhere, any time.

We’ve already written about why the Qantas Learning Hub totally rocks, but here are some more reasons why so many agents are registering.



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The Learning Hub is basically like a university for all things Qantas. But unlike a university, there are no boring and irrelevant subjects you have to take. Instead, every module has been created to help agents sell the Flying Kangaroo like a star and you’re in charge of what you learn!

There are nearly 50 self-paced modules available across three different learning levels, ranging from two minutes to 20 minutes and they cover everything from wholesale fares to Qantas’ on-board product to their partnership with Emirates.

With this many modules, there’s something for everyone!


2. YOU’LL LEARN FROM REAL PEOPLE with real experience

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By connecting with Qantas through the Learning Hub, you’ll be able to capitalise on the collective knowledge and experience of some of the leading figures in the travel industry that have been assembled to help agents get to know and sell Qantas better, aka ‘the Coaches’.


3. there is live interaction

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These coaches design and deliver all of the content on the Hub and you can ‘e-meet’ them in the fortnightly live-classrooms where they interact with agents through live chat and online polls/quizzes.

Check out the ‘live-learning’ calendar which has all of the upcoming sessions right through until December! Nothing like a little forward planning.

This is also where you’ll see a calendar of upcoming events at Qantas with Learning Hub members receiving priority invitations.

So are you ready to enter a world of increased bookings, more money, and greater confidence?

Then click here to register and explore the Qantas Learning Hub today!

This article was brought to you by Qantas.