“Some are born great,” Shakespeare so famously wrote. “Some achieve greatness & some have greatness thrust upon them.” And then there are some who are lucky enough to win free trips.

Nevermind the distorted use of classical wording because a Travel Advisor is heading off on a free trip to L.A.!

And that Travel Advisor is… Jake Cassar from Travel Counsellors.

Jake won L.A. Tourism and United’s latest incentive through which consultants were given the chance to complete online training and be in running to visit the US city for free on a holiday for two!

Yes, completely for free!


Jake told KARRYON that he’s “totally lost for words” and “OMG, OMG” was all his brain could process at the time of receiving the good news.

He said that although he’s been to L.A. a few times in the past, he’s had the destination on his radar for some time and as an ex-chef is excited to take on ‘Adventure 4: The Foodie Mecca’ self-famil that includes dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, a taco trek bike tour, a distillery tour at Los Spirits, a foodie walking tour, beer hopping and a visit to the Grand Central Market.


“I love my food. I have been known to fly half across the world for a meal.”

Jake Cassar, Travel Counsellors

“Travel to me is all about the food and I rate places purely on whats on offer to feed my face!  Im super keen to experience KoreaTown.

“If you have seen David Chang’s (From Momofuku and my chef hero)  Netflix series “Ugly delicious” he declares KoreaTown to be America’s best dining ‘hood’!  Im also very excited about the Taco Trek bike tour, I love my taco’s!”



Join us in congratulating Jake on free trip to L.A.!