What does it take to sell profitable Asia holidays? And how can a quality operator help you make more commission? A few top-selling Travel Agents help us understand.

We wanted to understand how a continent such as Asia can help Travel Agents succeed in their career and figured who better to ask than a group of top sellers currently reaping the rewards of their hard work during a Wendy Wu Tours in China.

Who are these genius Agents? Flighties dominate the group with Adam Head, Vickie Jewell, Samantha Weber, Gina Brough, Antoinette Prideaux, Caroline Thompson and Dominique Orange along with Kirsty Byrne of Summerland Travel and Daniel O’Donoghue from Helloworld Travel.

You may think they’re all old hands at selling Asia, and that’s why they’ve had so much success – not so.


Meet Antoinette Prideaux from Flight Centre Applecross in Western Australia. She has only been a Travel Agent for eight months.

She went to an expo two months into her new job and her product manager told her to sell a cruise or land operator that she could confidently say five sentences about.

“I’d been to an information night for Wendy Wu already and I had travelled quite a bit through South East Asia so I thought it would be good to sell,” she said.

“That day I sold the tour to eight passengers and I won Top Novice for Sales at the expo.”

Antoinette Prideaux, Flight Centre Applecross

Travel Agent China

That was the beginning of her knack for selling Wendy Wu.

“A lot of tours don’t include as much as Wendy Wu,” she said. “The tours allow the passengers to feel safe and not worry about having to pay for extra stuff.”

Antoinette has been impressed with the famil so far, saying the hotels has been gorgeous and the touring side of it great.

“Have a national tour guide is excellent and so is meeting the local guides at each destination.”


Samantha Weber from Flight Centre Redbank in Queensland is a consistent top seller.

She says a major benefit of Wendy Wu is that customers always bring back great feedback from their tours.

“I’ve sold 38 packages in the last 12 months and I’ve never heard anything negative about the tours from my customers and they are so easy for us to book too,” she said.

Another selling point for her is that even though Wendy Wu runs set itineraries they are still very flexible to give the group the best possible experience of the country.

“Nothing is too hard. The guides will always answer – ‘no worries, we will get it sorted'”

This is Samantha’s second Trip with Wendy Wu, so far her favourite experience has been Zhanjaijie National Park.


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