Give that gorgeous piece of ice a red carpet and show it off to the world like you’re a Kardashian on Instagram because it’s not every day you’re handed a one-carat diamond.

Okay, unless you’re getting engaged but even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a diamond.

The only guarantee you’ll see a one-carat diamond in your life is to apply for a job with Penny Spencer and then hang out for over a decade.

It’s true, just ask Carissa Johnson, the Manager of Spencer Travel Southside.


Carissa is shining bright as the latest recipient of a Penny Spencer Diamond for dedicating 10 years to Spencer Travel.

Congratulations Carissa!


She joins past recipients such as Belinda Ward and Lynn Eaton in the incredibly exclusive Spencer Travel Diamond Club.

Carissa said she’s “elated” for the precious gift and feel “inspired and supported” in her role every day.

“We have a wonderful team culture here which makes for a fun and uplifting workplace!”

Carissa Johnson, Spencer Travel Southside Manager


Penny Spencer said she’s “so happy” for Carissa who “does an amazing job”.

She continued, saying that she recognises that 10 years in a “huge commitment” to make to one company and it’s “absolutely worthy of a diamond”.

“The travel industry can be a bit transient, but Spencer Travel staff tend to stick around. That loyalty and experience brings so many benefits to our clients and our business.”

Penny Spencer, Spencer Travel Founder


Join us in congratulating Carissa on her new rock.