Hurtigruten April May takeover
Hurtigruten April May takeover

WELCOME: Travellers Choice Network Expands With A 40-Year-Old Agency

"They're a natural fit" with "similar cultural & business philosophies", said Travellers Choice's Nicola Strudwick of Tertiary Travel, the newest addition to the network of independent travel agencies.

“They’re a natural fit” with “similar cultural & business philosophies”, said Travellers Choice’s Nicola Strudwick of Tertiary Travel, the newest addition to the network of independent travel agencies.

Tertiary Travel signed up to the Travellers Choice network this week, bringing its Sydney and Perth branches into the fold.

Announced this morning, the decision will see the 40-year-old agency receive business support and operational expertise that come with signing up to the network.


Tertiary Travel joins Travellers Choice.

Strudwick welcomed Tertiary Travel aboard, saying the two organisations as a natural fit with shared cultural and business philosophies.

“Most importantly, Tertiary Travel is positioned for exciting growth and no retail group provides independent travel agents with more valuable and effective support services than Travellers Choice.”

Nicola Strudwick, Travellers Choice General Manager Sales


Robyn Mitchell, Darryl Laverty, Nicola Strudwick and Lutz Poelchow.

Tertiary Travel is a leisure and corporate travel group with clients ranging from family, friends and the Teachers Mutual Bank. They currently have branches in Sydney suburbs of Homebush and Rooty Hill, as well as the Perth suburb of West Perth.

The brand’s General Manager, Darryl Laverty, said the arrangement with TripADeal was one of the many attractive features of signing up, along with the network’s selection of digital marketing tools and support services.

“But more broadly we were attracted to the breadth of services offered and… the level of continuous support Travellers Choice provides its members.”

Darryl Laverty, Travellers Choice General Manager

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