It’s no secret that office jobs can lead to weight gain, with eight hours or more sitting down each day combined with the infamous office birthday cake and those lolly stashes that get raided during the 3pm slump.

So how do you get around this? Three travel agents discovered that becoming personal travel managers (PTMs) gave them more flexibility and time to focus on their health and wellbeing.

The TravelManagers national partnership office (NPO) is super supportive of PTMs making their health a priority – because not only are the PTM’s happier, but they are also makes them more productive and focused when it comes to looking after clients.

Perth-based PTM Michelle Edmead started her fitness journey the very week that she signed up with TravelManagers six years ago.

Personal Travel Manager

“Because of the way running a travel business with TravelManagers works, I could begin my journey,” she said.

Michelle went from feeling unhappy with her body, having her “weight go up and down like a yo-yo”, to finding a love so strong for working out that she began competing as a bodybuilder.

Both her clients and NPO have been her cheerleaders as she carved out a unique lifestyle where her fitness and career could both shine.

Ultimately Michelle trained as a personal trainer and nowadays she splits her time between being both a PTM and a PT

Personal Travel Manager

“I’ll be with TravelManagers forever. They encourage us to be a little bit different and do what is going to make us happy”.

PTM Michelle Edmead 

Melbourne based PTM Jack Sartor made the switch after no longer enjoying the 9-5 of an office job and seeing his health slip.

“Working from home is a lifestyle bonus. I can sleep better and choose when I exercise – it just allows that freedom,” he said.

“I can go to the gym or the park or for a swim and I’m never too far away from calling a client if that pops up.”

Personal Travel Manager

These days Jack regularly attends the Outdoor Fitness Program at Melbourne Group Fitness, has lost weight, gained strength and even recently competed in the MCG Stadium Stomp – an epic 7,600 stair challenge.

“That is only possible because I run my own travel business. If I was working in an office I just don’t think I’d have the energy. Now, not only do I have the energy, but I also look forward to it”.

PTM Jack Sartor

Newbie NSW-based PTM Elyse Palmer, who has a love for pole fitness said she wasn’t taking the time to stay active while working at a bricks and mortar store.

“My team and making that cost of seat/monthly target was my focus. A walk to the printer was considered exercise,” she recalls.

“With my work schedule, I could only commit to fitness an hour a week, which was my dance lesson then it was a rush to make it to class,” she said.

Since joining TravelManagers she continues to work full time but can choose the hours she wants to work.

“I have the flexibility to work around my wonderful clients and family and I can train at home where I have an Xpole and I am not restricted to the one weekly class,” she said

To get the blood pumping in the morning she has started attending local Live Life Get Active classes.

“Working in partnership with TravelManagers means I can enjoy the things I love including the great outdoors while still doing what I love the most – which is selling dream holidays.”

PTM Elyse Palmer

With support from the TravelManagers NPO and the flexibility to focus on their wellbeing, these PTMs say they are in the best shape of their life, both physically and mentally!

This could be you too! Get your health, fitness, and wellbeing back on track with the support of a flexible and encouraging business, contact TravelManagers today!





Does your workplace offer the flexibility to get your wellbeing on track?

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