Numbers rule the world. They tell you how much you’ve sold this month, how many pints you’ve drunk (when you check your account), and they can indicate (roughly) how many years you have left on this planet…

Which is hopefully a lot!

It’s always been this way, and 2018 will be the same.

But there’s another number next year that has the potential to rock your world, and that’s the number two.

According to numerologists, 2018 is a Two Year, which is what we get when we reduce the number 11 (e.g., 2+0+1+8=11, and then 1+1=2) and then open our minds to the quasi-science that is numerology.

But what the hell does a Two Year actually mean? What can you, as hard-working, ever-charming travel agents, expect to experience in 2018?

200w_d (37)

Although technically a Two Year, 2018 is also a Eleven Year (remember: 2+0+1+8=11) which has it’s own power and influence completing the influence of the Two Year energy.

In basic terms, an Eleven Year means that agents around Australia (and the world) will be more tolerant of each other and their customers, and agents should put heaps of effort into practicing the art of patience – it will be a little easier this year, and god knows this is a habit all of us will be wise to get into.

Next year will also probably get you thinking about doing yoga and meditation too, as 11 is a very spiritual number.

And actually, being more tolerant and de-stressing through yoga and other spiritual pursuits couldn’t come at a better time, as a Two Year also predicates a VERY emotional year.

Passion, fear, and anger are going to be huge issues for the travel industry to grapple with next year, and you will be dealing with this on all fronts: customers, colleagues, family and friends, etc – so get ready!

200w_d (38)

Indeed, it’s going to be a very extreme year, oscillating between an almost zen-like “it’s all good” state (due to the increased tolerance) and erupting like a mad man/woman.

You need to be aware of all of this, and practice getting into the habit of accepting outbursts around you as just being due to the influence of the Two Year and not taking them personally.

These extreme emotional circumstances will also inevitably force all of us to take a hard look at ourselves and re-assess who we are and what we’re doing with our lives. A Two Year will urge us to learn, grow, and take on new positions – that are perhaps way out of our comfort zones.

So 2018 will be a big year of change for everyone in the industry. If you’ve toyed with the idea of changing stores/offices, moving up to management, or becoming your own boss as a mobile travel agent (Travel Counsellors, Travel Managers, Savenio), 2018 is definitely the time to take that first step…

But relax, as you guys aren’t going to be the only ones facing these massive changes in 2018…

It’s going to be a very exciting 12 months next year guys, and we at KarryOn wish you all the best!

Are you excited/scared about what 2018 may hold for you, numerologically speaking? Let us know in the comments below…