John Veitch

In a new feature on KarryOn, Travel Corporation CEO John Veitch (JV) shares his personal insights on industry trends and the power of travel.

Firstly, let me introduce myself – I’m John Veitch, the CEO of The Travel Corporation (TTC) Australia.

I joined TTC over two years ago after more than ten years at Flight Centre and like most of us, I pretty much live and breathe this industry so I look forward to sharing my insider knowledge.

JVs Corner - Leilani and Kids

I’m also a father of three, Leilani and Jamison (my 11-year-old twins) and Tobias (aged six) – so being December, it’s all about family as we take on the festive season and school holidays.

Whether it’s your own family or perhaps your clients’ – it’s about making sure they’re booked for the right holiday, and sometimes that means going beyond the iconic destinations and looking for a deeper experience.

JVs Corner - Tobias

It always surprises me how well the family holiday clearly reminisces from childhood, which just highlights how vital our role is in creating those precious lifelong memories for our guests.

One of my first family trips was when I was eight – wandering through the battlefields of World War II with my father in Normandy.

I remember my dad explaining to me the history and sacrifice of others which left an unforgettable impression on me – and that’s what these holidays are about, reconnecting and immersing yourself in another culture.

JVs Corner - Family Holiday

Too often we put families in the beach holiday category – Thailand, Bali, Fiji or the Gold Coast.

These are all great destinations; however, we’re seeing a rising trend in those seeking something a little different – a unique cultural experience which also offers educational value.

In the time-poor world, we live in – guided holidays are an enticing solution for the multi-generation traveller, some even have child specific itineraries.

There are some excellent products available and specifically designed to appeal to the different needs – an array of options from guided holidays to cruising and of course, there is always Disney.

John Vietch, JV's Corner - Mountain View

When all the planning is taken care of with experienced Travel Directors there to guide guests, everyone can spend more time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

These options are effortless and perfect for first-timers abroad that want to connect with locals, see the icons, learn about the culture, gain insider tips and combat any language barriers.

Looking back at my recent family trip through Europe, my son Tobias will forever remember that “Paris is the capital of France”, and Leilani loved learning to make (and eat) pizza, in fact, they still keep in contact with the kids they met on their travels.

JVs Corner - Children Playing

When children have an understanding of other cultures, people and environment, it’s travel that’s teaching them to be well rounded, global citizens.

Imagine the decisions they will make when it’s their time.

It’s also considerably more affordable now more than ever to travel abroad, just look at the European airfares currently available.

As we approach the school holiday period, these are the key dates for airline yield teams, so now is the time to get families booked up for an amazing holiday and take pride in helping them achieve those lifelong memories.

Enjoy the holidays and happy travels!

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