Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand are partnering to offer 100 spots on famil to New Zealand, and all you need to do to visit this legendary location is brush up on your New Zealand knowledge!

It’s easy to see why New Zealand is a dream destination for so many Aussies.

The magical land a lazy leap across the Tasman boasts awe-inspiring landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, hamlets home to legions of friendly locals, scenic road-trip routes, rich Maori culture, and more outdoor activities that you can poke an Air New Zealand boarding pass at.

Heck, it’s easy to see why New Zealand is a dream destination for so many travel agents.

And now’s your chance to see the Land of the Long White Cloud with Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand teaming up to create the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Famil in 2019.

Not only will you see for yourself a destination so many customers are dashing to discover, but it’s the chance to become a New Zealand specialist in the process.


The call is going out to agents to apply for the exclusive event that’s pencilled in for March 2019 and will see 100 lucky travel professionals join one of 10 exciting excursions exploring regions right around New Zealand.

To be eligible for one of these exclusive Kiwi adventures agents simply register, complete 10 online modules of the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Program, and book an Air New Zealand flight before January 20.




Hey, that’s a win-win, and you can’t do any better than that.

The ten itineraries will explore locations across the North and South Islands, from Northland all the way to Stewart Island, each itinerary is created to show agents the best of the destination and encounter the land like their customers would.


Great idea, hey? Because it’s so much easier to sell a spot when you’ve seen – and done – it yourself.

During each journey, agents will tick dozens of experiences from their New Zealand to-do list from cruising on Milford Sound, a Maori hangi at Te Puia cultural village in Rotorua to watching dolphins and whales frolic in Kaikoura’s deep blue.

There will also be the chance to wander the vines in award winning wine regions like Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough, walk in the shadows of Wanaka’s towering peaks, and sample gourmet goodies in Wellington’s trendy neighborhoods.


And when it’s time to bid New Zealand farewell (for now), agents will depart as qualified 100% Pure New Zealand Gold Specialists. An honour that only comes after completing the 10 modules, attending inspiring and motivated training, and visiting the country.

Sound like fun? Absolutely. So get online now, register, and start gaining the expertise that will qualify you to tour on an epic Tourism New Zealand famil.






What’s on your itinerary to New Zealand?

Written by Sarah Nicholson, KARRYON contributor

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