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Tourism Industry expert Tammy Marshall encouraged guests at yesterday’s Women in Tourism International Women’s Day lunch to change the conversation around gender equality in the workplace and future-proof their personal brand.

Marshall, a former Executive at Carnival Cruises, TFE Hotels and The Travel Corporation, now leads her own business transformation consultancy The B Hive solely focused on future-proofing travel and tourism businesses to ensure continued success in the changing business environment.


“For a long time we’ve been saying it is ‘important’ to have a good balance of women at work but what I believe is now the case is that it is ‘urgent’ that females have an equal seat at the table,” she said.

“Business is changing at such a rapid pace that it’s no longer about just being ‘fair’ to have women in leadership roles, it is a must if we’re going to compete in global business and continue to see Australia thrive.  The countries that are doing well clearly show the gender equality played out across all aspects of their nation.”

 Tammy Marshall, Founder, The B Hive



She encouraged the audience of tourism professionals to focus on three key areas to future-proof their personal brand using the ‘think, feel, do’ framework: consciously change the habitual way you think about women’s roles in the workplace; emotional intelligence is one of the strongest assets you can have, embrace it and be empowered by it; be supportive not divisive – both to other women and across the board.



The event was held at Beta Bar & Gallery in Sydney was the fourth International Women’s Day luncheon held by the Women in Tourism group.

The Women in Tourism group was co-founded by Emma Castle from Spice Magazine, Holly Galbraith from Holly G Media and KARRYON Founder Matt Leedham.

Visit womenintourismevents.com to find out more about up and coming Women in Tourism events in 2018


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Did you get to attend yesterday’s Women in Tourism International Women’s Day lunch?