If there was an official list on the world’s best bosses, Penny Spencer & Spencer Travel would surely be on it for creating a comfortable workplace AND for giving out those one-carat diamonds.

We’re sure Mena Clark, the General Manager from 24×7 Solutions would agree, especially after receiving a pair of one-carat diamond earrings from the Spencer Travel business.

Mena received the earrings for reaching 10 years of continuous employment, which means she’s now officially part of the Spencer Travel Diamond Club!


Penny Spencer praised Mena on her “amazing” work at 24×7 Solutions where her “loyalty and experience brings so many benefits”.

“10 years is a huge commitment to one company—one absolutely worthy of a diamond.”

Penny Spencer, Spencer Travel Founder

Thrilled by the gift and her 10 years with the business, Mena said that the last decade hasn’t “even felt like work” because she absolutely loves what she does.


“I love the challenge of this unique business, and the satisfaction and adrenaline that come from working in a high-pressure environment,” she said.

“Plus, there’s the added bonus of working alongside Penny Spencer who is a great mentor and inspiring role model.”


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