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WTTC Thanks The Travel & Tourism Sector For Going The Extra Mile

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is praising the millions of people in the Travel & Tourism sector for going the extra mile during these hard times.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is praising the millions of people in the Travel & Tourism sector for going the extra mile during these hard times.

The huge thank you from World Travel & Tourism Council President & CEO Gloria Guevara was made on behalf of travel companies throughout the globe’s private sector.

Millions of people employed by WTTC member companies large and small have volunteered their time and expertise, many putting their own lives on the line, to provide essential help to their beleaguered communities with relief efforts.

Gloria Guevara Manzo WTTC

This has ranged from furloughed airline cabin crew being deployed to help in hospitals, to operating additional flights for medical cargo, luxury hotels opening their doors to provide free rooms to healthcare workers or helping with grocery shopping and running errands for the elderly self-isolating.

“WTTC wants to pay tribute to the millions of amazing coronavirus heroes throughout the global Travel & Tourism sector for selflessly going the extra mile to help their communities to overcome and combat the Covid-19 pandemic threat.

Gloria Guevara, President & CEO,

“We recognise their quiet heroism and phenomenal dedication through using their incredible people skills developed during their normal working lives and wealth of experience to step up and offer essential help and assistance to those on the front line fighting this terrible virus.


“Whether its tending to the sick, opening hotels for health workers or manning foodbanks, they, like countless others have risen to the challenge and shown with their hearts and actions that we are stronger together and we will win this battle.”

Hotel giants like Hilton have teamed up with American Express to launch their Rooms for Responders initiative, offering free accommodation to more than a million healthcare professionals across 10 medical associations fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Meanwhile, employees working for Carnival have offered a number of its ships to act as floating hospitals to treat patients suffering from less-critical, non-coronavirus related conditions. 


Meanwhile, United Airlines has offered free flights to New York and California to medical personnel. 

Like many other industries, the Travel & Tourism sector has faced near collapse and a battle for survival due to the extensive travel restrictions and lockdowns ordered by governments across the world to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Latest WTTC research reveals up to 75 million Travel & Tourism sector jobs are at risk globally.

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According to WTTC’S 2020 Economic Impact Report, during 2019, Travel & Tourism sector supported one in 10 jobs (330 million), making a 10.3% contribution to global GDP and generating one in four of all new jobs.

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