The new year is well and truly here but before you start chasing those resolutions which have escaped your grasp, why not channel that energy into something more positive by planning your next getaway.

But this is a whole new decade. You don’t want to mark it by booking a trip that has been done a million times before by a million other tourists.

This is the year you do something completely unique and the way to do that is by going tailor-made.



Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Credit Chimu Adventures

Tailor-made with Chimu is having a conversation with one of their Destination Specialists and getting into the finer points of how you like to travel.

Pull up a chair and fill them in on all things you – they will consider your interests, budget, time availability and age to create an itinerary contoured to your preferences.


Guaranteed daily departures mean that date constraints can be accommodated, and you aren’t prescribed to one standard of accommodation either.

Fancy a five-star hotel on arrival and departure but happy with a little less luxury on your way around? No problem. The beauty of tailor-made is that you can pick and choose exactly where you stay and what you do.



Tierra Atacama, Chile – Credit Chimu Adventures

Tailor-made allows your creative spirit (and that of Chimu’s Destination Specialists) to run wild. See yourself as a budding astronomer?  Want to attend a secret supper club with one of Buenos Aires’ top chefs?

A penchant for blue-footed boobies you say? Or perhaps a desire to experience some of South America before travelling in the wake of Antarctic explorers?


Go on, challenge them. The trips on Chimu’s website are a mere fraction of the experiences they can create so don’t be shy about revealing even the most niche of special interests – they have got it covered.

Chimu has their nose well and truly to the ground in South America with their own operations in-country so are constantly seeking out the most unusual experiences.



Antarctica – Credit Chimu Adventures

Chimu would like their travellers to make socially and environmentally conscious decisions about where and how they travel in 2020.

Anyone who has been on a group trip in the past can appreciate that the pace can be somewhat swift with plenty of early starts and internal flights in the mix, but tailor-made is the soothing antidote to such a travel mode.

Take a country like Peru, for example, with its ancient culture and diverse landscape. It is impossible to see it all in one holiday so why not select a few key places: indulge in its foodie capital of Lima; tread ancient soil in the Sacred Valley of the Incas with some downtime in Cusco and then head to the Amazon to experience life in the jungle.

Sink in and soak it all up.



Macaws in the Peruvian Amazon – Credit Chimu Adventures

Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists, Chimu Adventures, are the tailor-made experts. For the past 15 years, they have been creating bespoke holidays to Latin America and the polar regions based on the clients’ tastes, budgets and travel styles.

With guaranteed daily departures, their own ground operations in South America and no minimum travel number, every trip is attainable.

Their team of talented Destination Specialists have lived, breathed and travelled these destinations so can work with you to create the perfect tailor-made trip.