Travellers Choice is rolling out the second installment of its Member Mentoring Program, with enhancements designed to make the experience even more valuable for the award-winning group’s mentors and mentees.

Twenty Travellers Choice agents took part in the network’s inaugural six-month program, which saw mentors and mentees work together on a range of business and personal development issues.


In the words of Oprah Winfrey: “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”


Who are these magical Mentors?

Karry On - Travellers Choice Mentor

Travellers Choice mentor Greg Tucker (Panorama Cruise & Travel) recently travelled from Bathurst to Maclean in Northern NSW, where he spent time with mentee and new friend Zoe Eagleton (Riverland Travel).

Kathy Granger from Burnie and Smithton Travelcentre in Tasmania, who unexpectedly found herself running a travel agency after 20 years as an HR professional, took part as a mentor in the inaugural program. She says her aim was to help a fellow Travellers Choice member avoid some of the mistakes she made.

“I wanted to make things easier for someone else because I think I did it the hard way”

Kathy Granger, Burnie and Smithton Travelcentre

Granger went on to say “At the same time, I was hoping to learn as much as the mentee and I certainly got a lot out of it. For instance, looking for resources for my mentee made me review the way we do things, and as a result, we’ve made some tweaks in our business.”

Panorama Cruise & Travel owner Greg Tucker, who mentored Zoe Eagleton from Riverland Travel in Maclean, agrees the program is a “win-win” for both participants. “We started out focusing on a specific area, but we ascertained pretty quickly that there were other areas we could explore,” says Tucker, an ex-high school teacher from Bathurst.

“Along the way Zoe had some great ideas that I’ve been able to adopt as well.” Eagleton says that being able to tap into Greg’s two decades’ worth of experience has delivered a confidence boost and enabled her to “see each challenge as an opportunity”. “We now call each other with all sorts of questions, sometimes they can just be about simple everyday business problems and at other times we might discuss marketing ideas or even back-office technical issues.

“Thanks to Travellers Choice it’s really been the perfect match, because not only do we have a supportive business relationship, we also have a great friendship as well.”

Zoe Eagleton, Riverland Travel

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