Work routines can be a drag until you get pranked! One company recently went out of its way to shake up Travel Agents’ days with huge billboards & a fake customer.

That company was… Avalon Waterways.

The river cruise company recently sent a fake customer into a series of travel agencies around Australia, not to waste Agents’ times but to show them what they’re missing out on the line’s ships.

Unsuspecting consultants were busy minding their own business (on Facebook, JOKES, they were working) when the fake customer walked in.


Pretending to be keen on a trip, the phony client made an enquiry when suddenly two guys wearing ninja-inspired outfits walked into the store with a huge billboard in hand.

The first billboard read ‘what are you looking at’.


This was followed by one featuring the text ‘what about this?’ and an image of a view from one of Avalon’s Panorama Suites (featuring the widest opening windows in river cruising).

By the second billboard, Agents began associating the images with a river cruise and eventually realised the dude was a fake from Avalon Waterways.


As an apology for the welcome disruption, each pranked consultant was handed a bunch of flowers and some champagne.

Not the same as a cruise but a great way to break up the day!


Check out the full clip below:

HILARIOUS! Travel Agents were recently PRANKED by Avalon Waterways, a fake customer & a couple of ninja-looking dudes. Watch on for a laugh, read more about it >>

Posted by KARRYON on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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