IN LOVE WITH INNSBRUCK: The golden child of the Austrian cities

The capital of Tyrol in Austria, Innsbruck is known for its winter sports facilities and beautiful summer hikes, but there’s way more to explore in this amazing city. You can’t […]

The capital of Tyrol in Austria, Innsbruck is known for its winter sports facilities and beautiful summer hikes, but there’s way more to explore in this amazing city.

You can’t get selected TWICE for the Winter Olympics without having some pretty mean slopes. But before you make like Eddie the Eagle, check out some of the other unmissable experiences Innsbruck has to offer.




You just know that any city that has an old town is going to fill your travellers soul with happiness. Wander through the main street and get immersed in the medieval inspired town as you make your way to find the Golden Roof.

Imagine what it’s like to live like an Emperor, looking up at the 2,657 copper tiles stuck to a rooftop to make it glow! Built as a wedding present to Emperor Maximilian I, it’s now a museum that shows some of the amazing imperial history of the Habsburg family.

Picture waking up in the morning and being able to stand and look out over the city from under your golden roof! Turn around and have a look at the Emperors view, you’ll find Helbling house across the road. A Gothic masterpiece that looks like a giant cake!




Down the road, you will find the Imperial Palace, the seat of the Habsburg Empire during the 15th century. The really stunning part about this place is the baroque facade that is backdropped by the Nordkette mountains. Don’t forget to take a guided tour, the banquette rooms are next level.

Remember Emperor Maximilian mentioned earlier? His empty tomb sits next to the Imperial Palace, and is watched over by 28 historical figures immortalized in bronze. Clearly those guys need some mentoring in ‘watching over people’, as his remains were moved to Vienna years ago. Luckily the statues remain, and the tomb is still an impressive sight.

Insiders tip! Sneak over the road to the Court Theatre and check what shows are playing. If there’s one on, get into it! If nothing’s showing, it’s an inspiring building for the photo album




Restaurant Bar Adlers

Check out the local eateries. Our favourite is Cafe Munding! The areas oldest cafe, it serves a mixture of sweet and savoury goodies, and will have coffee snobs in awe with their AMAZING coffee. Oh, and did I mention it’s inside a medieval mansion?

While it’s great for brekky, our dinner is all about the local area. Check out Die Wilderin to eat like a local. Almost all of their food is sourced locally, and the farms names are printed on the menu (in case you want to go visit!). While the menu is highly seasonal, it’s ALL GOOD!

Feel like you just want a drink in the late evening? Head down to Hotel aDLERS, sit on the rooftop, admire the mountains and sip back on an Austrian beer.



Innsbruck is full of unmissable experiences, and you’ll notice from above that so many of them are gained just by walking the streets.

There’s hundreds of other churches, and landmarks ranging from St Anne’s Column through to the Triumphal Arch. And we can’t forget the Bergisel Ski Jump!! Don’t cut your holiday short by only going to Innsbruck for the sports and hiking, because there is so much more on offer!

To discover more things to explore in Innsbruck, visit the Austria Tourism website.


Written by KARRYON contributor Bob Baddams