BANFF: Grand, remote, beautiful, serene and that's just one property

The first thing most customers do when researching Banff is head straight to TripAdvisor, but what we know this does is confuse the good, the bad and the ugly and […]

The first thing most customers do when researching Banff is head straight to TripAdvisor, but what we know this does is confuse the good, the bad and the ugly and most people end up remembering the ugly.

Banff is a town where UGLY has no place at all. This small Alberta town is known for pristine waters, unmatched landscapes and the softest powder snow. What isn’t well know is that there are so many properties to choose from so where do you start?

The Stuba platform of course. It trawls multiple review sites as well as pulls information from Social Media to give you and the customers the most accurate reviews.

Here are a few of the top selling properties.


As you drive up to the property, the grandeur of the chateau is unbelievable. From the moment you step into the foyer, the staff are ready and waiting to help you in every way. It’s like they know who you are already and your bags are whisked away while reception takes a copy of your passport and share the activities of the day.

Winter at the Chateau is spectacular as you can ice skate on the lake, go on hikes to see frozen waterfalls, snowboarding, snowshoeing and horse-drawn sleigh rides. If you are lucky enough to stay around Christmas time the massive tree in the foyer and historic decorations give you the typical Christmas wonderland feeling.

This 552 room resort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is at the forefront of sustainable and responsible tourism.



In the heart of Banff National Park, this private land is surrounded by Canada’s most spectacular scenery and offers extensive views that ensures each picture is one of perfection.

Facilities include an indoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor hot tub, tennis and squash courts, full gym and fitness club, complimentary shuttle to downtown Banff, bike rentals and it’s pet-friendly. YEAHHHH

Most rooms are humble in appearance and offer a fireplace along with a wet bar or kitchen. There are a variety of rooms to select all offering different decor.




Image By: Deer Lodge

Located just a few minutes away from Lake Louise, this lodge was built in 1923 officially as a teahouse. A few years later it opened into a hotel. Now in 2018, the lodge offers guests a rustic mountainous experience that dazzles guests with the serenity and magic of the landscape.

Offering 71 rooms, there is a state of the art hot tub located on the roof with spectacular views of Victoria Glacier. Not bad, eh?



This heritage hotel dates back to 1908 and has recently been renovated. Despite its new facelift the key furnishings remain to bring character and history to this epic stay. Now contemporary with bright uplifting tones, you will have the best night sleep in their signature plush beds.

Fun, relaxing and warm are just a few words that best describe the Mount Royal Hotel and the positive reviews are overwhelming.

The property features a rooftop lounge and hot tub that face blinding views of the mountain peeks PLUS there is an actual library in the hotel.



With the property located along the wildlife corridor, if you are here to see animals, then this is the place to stay. The views are insane with a mountain peak in the distance and the terrain makes this area an adventurers playground. No matter what time of year you visit you will get a completely new experience. Each season brings with it a dramatic change of scenery that can’t be missed.

According to reviews, the rooms are comfortable, clean and moderate while offering guests complimentary parking. Guests also get free WiFi, ski and bike storage and the fluffiest duvets you will ever see. Plus the place is pet-friendly.


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