FOOD LOVERS UNITE: Eat and drink like a royal on this island

Prince Edward Island is widely acclaimed as the culinary capital of Canada, boasting some of the country’s freshest seafood.

Prince Edward Island is widely acclaimed as the culinary capital of Canada, boasting some of the country’s freshest seafood.

Situated 120 miles north of Halifax (Nova Scotia), this little island in the North-east of Canada will have tongue’s wagging before you even get on the plane. Get ready to have every appetite and dietary requirement satisfied (GFML – you’ll be okay here!).




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Wine is a food, right? Well, on PEI (Prince Edward Island), you’ll find the homes of several fine wines & spirits producers and they are dying for you to try them. There are approximately 40 vineyards/distilleries to round out an entire day of tasting. Sit back and relax as you enjoy the beautiful countryside on one of many guided tours.

Most of the properties are family owned and run so it gives you an authentic glimpse into the passion that the locals are known for.



Vegans unite, this starchy goddess of a vegetable is a homegrown hero on Prince Edward Island and the locals will be all too happy to tell you why. The billion dollar industry provides one third of all potatoes across Canada and the red, iron-rich soil produces what may just be the perfect spud.

If eating the potatoes doesn’t sound like a holiday then check out the Potato Museum and show your appreciation for the vegetable. Strange but true, the potato has kept the island thriving since the 1700’s.



KARRYON_prince_edward_island_oystersHow often have you caught and cooked your own lobster; Prince Edward Islanders are ready and waiting to help visitors taste their first oyster fresh from the sea. The wild-grown shellfish of Malpeque Bay is continually judged as one of the finest in the world for flavour and clean taste. With the “choice” grade having enough flavour and texture to be served whole on the half shell.

If all this talk about shellfish and lobster is confusing you, asked for a lobster stuffed potato and you get the best of both worlds. Genius!



This is one of those hidden bucket-list items that no-one ever knew they had.  The Fall Flavours Festival is a unique culinary adventure highlighting authentic Prince Edward Island tastes & traditions. Incredible food, delightful venues, entertaining hosts and one-of-a-kind experiences. Why not join the intimate cooking demonstrations from celebrity chefs!

If food is your life (and let’s face it, it probably is) then this is one event not to be missed and you literally can’t miss it. It runs the entire month of September every year (procrastinators, this is ideal for you).

Whether you’re hangry-thirsty, Prince Edward Island has something for everyone. No matter what you order, rest assured it will leave you wanting more.