ATTN FOODIES: Our top 5 picks to tantalise your taste buds in Toronto

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto takes life seriously. Not as in yawn-boring seriously, more like get-it-done-right seriousness across everything – music, arts, sights… and food.

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto takes life seriously. Not as in yawn-boring seriously, more like get-it-done-right seriousness across everything – music, arts, sights… and food.

Gastronomically, Toronto has something for absolutely everyone. Craving camel for dinner? No problem! What about water buffalo? Kangaroo? Sea urchins? The whole shebang is available thanks to the city’s bold approach to the culinary arts.

Toronto is so devoted to delectable eats that there are a whopping 8,000 restaurants to choose from. Clearly, a helping hand is needed on finding the best mouthwatering morsels. We’ve come up with our five favourite ways to chow down, Toronto style.




It takes a little digging to find out what the quintessential Torontonian food is, but ask a local and they will tell you that every visitor must try the thick-cut peameal bacon sandwich. For many, Carousel Bakery at the fabulous St Lawrence Markets is the place to sample this staple, and their veal sandwich is also a standout.

There is always room for dessert, especially when it is the fluffy pastry and rich filling of butter tarts. I dare you to try and stop at one! Go traditional with Andrea’s grandmother’s recipe or get creative at OMG Baked Goodness.

Other noteworthy Toronto bites: Rodney’s Oyster House and Smoke’s Pouterine.




While Toronto runs the gastronomy gamut from food trucks through to high-end dining, there’s something for everyone. if you’re down for a splurge, Scaramouche is a consistent winner. With fine dining, spectacular downtown views, and their signature coconut cream pie, you won’t regret treating yourself.

The popular Canoe takes an inspired twist on Canadian heritage dishes. If you’re into celeb chef joints then take in Susur Lee’s place and his crunchy Signature Singapore Slaw.




The diversity of Toronto’s foodie scene has expanded beyond its fusion creations to include restaurants that encompass the entire dining experience.

Intensify your palate with a meal at O’Noir where you enjoy your meal in complete darkness. With your senses heightened, you can savour the smell and taste of the delicious cuisine which makes up for an unforgettable dining experience. The visually impaired wait staff will be sure to deliver fantastic service.

Scared of the dark? Consider Signs where you submit your food order using American Sign Language (cheat cards available).




Summer in Toronto is allllll about eating out and Torontonians are obsessed with food festivals. In June, Summerlicious sees 200+ restaurants in a 3-course dining extravaganza. Pace yourself in July at the Toronto’s Festival of Beer where the promise of over 400 brews can be a tad overwhelming.

Night It Up merges Asian street food, movies, and entertainment or enjoy the city’s diversity in August at the Toronto Food Truck Festival. Dare to try the daily eating challenge?




Canadians love their beer and Toronto has 30+ breweries to stumble from. For the indecisive or time-strapped, book a spot on the Steamwhistle Brewery tour.

If cocktails at brunch are your thing, check out Kost. It also has swoon-worthy views from the 44th floor.

For Toronto’s most innovative cocktail menu, head to BarChef where they blend their love of a fine tipple with molecular techniques, including liquid nitrogen drinks.


What would be your top 5?

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