VENDING MACHINES: 8 things you can buy on-the-go in Japan

With 5.6 million vending machines in Japan, there are bound to be some weird and wonderful ones floating about. These may surprise you.

With 5.6 million vending machines in Japan, there are bound to be some weird and wonderful ones floating about. These may surprise you.

There are around 5.6 million vending machines in operation in Japan.

To put that into perspective, there are more vending machines in Japan, than people living in New Zealand. That’s one vending machine per 23 people in Japan.

With that many vending machines, you’ve got to make your one stand out from the competition.

There are two ways to go about it, be awesome or horribly wrong.

Here are eight weird and wonderful vending machines you can find in Japan. You decide which they are:


1. Fresh Eggs

Ever going about your business just walking about when suddenly, it hits you: Some fresh raw eggs will go down a treat.

Yes? Then you’re probably next in line to get salmonella. There is however a vending machine that doles out bags of eggs from a nearby farm and the farmer fills the machine daily with freshly laid eggs.


2. Umbrellas


This is one I could really get behind as I often forget my umbrella at home. This could come in very handy with the weird weather we’ve been having lately.


3. Beer

Not cans of beer, that would be too easy and so not Japanese. Why do what the rest of the world is doing?

Try draught beer poured fresh, now that’s more like it. I’ve already googled one of these bad boys to install in the man cave. Hopefully someone will refill the kegs for free though.


4. Ramen

Instant noodles, we’ve got those in vending machines, that’s old news.

However, this bad boy makes the noodles for you on the spot. The noodles come out hot and ready to eat – now that’s convenience!


5. Burgers

Want something a little bit more substantial than ramen noodles? How about burgers, you can pick those up in a vending machine too – and they’re nice and warm and ready to eat. Still don’t think that Japan is living in the future?


6. Panties


This kind of makes sense right? You’re in the city, far away from home, you unexpectedly needed to stay in the office till late and had to stay at a capsule note. You’d obviously want a fresh pair of panties the next day.

Except these aren’t fresh panties, they’re used panties worn by a Japanese girl that you can purchase. Weird right?

Pornography vending machines are also readily available.


7. Coca-cola

Big deal right? A Coke vending machine, we have those in every building. Except this isn’t in a building. We’re talking about a giant robot vending machine walking around Tokyo.


8. Lettuce


If you want your lettuce fresher than the supermarket, where do you go? The vending machine of course.

This vending machine grows its own lettuce, growing about 60 heads of lettuce per day using only fluorescent bulbs.


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What would you like to see stocked in a vending machine?