LOCATION IS KEY: The hotels that help you discover New Zealand's heart

If you consider the heart of New Zealand to be the capital, Wellington, then it’s also true that Auckland and Christchurch are her arteries. When you visit New Zealand’s three […]

If you consider the heart of New Zealand to be the capital, Wellington, then it’s also true that Auckland and Christchurch are her arteries.

When you visit New Zealand’s three major cities, you want to ensure you’re in the energy-pumping epicentre. Easy access affords easy discovery of what makes a destination pulse. We’ve followed our heart and uncovered these New Zealand gems.




If there is one must-have for a Wellington stay, it’s a central hotel. Whether it’s to soak up how gorgeous the capital looks on its best days, or to dash from the sights on its windiest ones, accessibility is key. Fortunately, the Travelodge Hotel Wellington allows you to be downtown, not downhearted thanks to its CBD location.

Everything is within your reach from the Travelodge. The stunning harbour is only five minutes on foot and famed Te Papa Museum is walkable too. You can shop-til-you-drop (your bags off) because it’s super close to the ‘Golden Mile’ shopping precinct! The cushy bed is your well-deserved treat at the end of your Wellington explorations.  




“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.” Wise words that were perhaps written about the Adina Auckland Britomart? Okay, they weren’t, an Australian model apparently coined that gem, but as the Adina’s location is in the heart of all things central Auckland, it is fitting.

You can do almost anything from Britomart. Choose the path of maximum merriment (aka a Britomart’s pub and bar crawl) or watch the ‘lotto yachts’ pass by Queen’s Wharf. Boutique shopping is Britomart’s wallet-opening speciality, along with the award-winning dining options. Spark Arena and the city’s transport hub is close by.

For an alternative to Britomart’s delectable sushi, gourmet burgers or Asian-fusion feasts, head to the heart of your current abode, aka the kitchen. The Adina’s full set-up means you can grab some of NZ’s finest seafood from the nearby fish market and cook up your own banquet after a fun day of discovery.




Christchurch’s heart and soul have always radiated outwards from Cathedral Square so staying here ensures you uncover firsthand what makes the city tick. The Rendezvous Hotel Christchurch is one block from the square, and sights like the Isaac Theatre Royal, AMI Stadium, and Cashel Street’s Re:START mall are within walking distance.

Adjacent to the property, you’ll find the restored vintage tram, offering an effortless introduction to Christchurch’s history and attractions. The Rendezvous will also fill your heart with joy thanks to their long-standing commitment to customer service excellence.




These centrally located hotels have it all. Whether its getting your heart rate up at the gym, eating your heart out at the restaurant or with room service or receiving around-the-clock service thanks to their 24-hour manned receptions. For a heart-to-heart with the fam back home, all three offer free Wi-Fi too.

If home is where the heart is then we know where we left ours! See the below to book your stay

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Okay, we’ll stop with the heart-related references now… Over to you!

Written by KARRYON contributor Zoe McFarlane