AMAZON EXPLORING: You Toucan cruise the river in luxury

As the largest and longest river in the world, the Amazon River isn’t just a river–it’s an ecological journey along a waterway that supports all life on Earth. Snaking its […]

As the largest and longest river in the world, the Amazon River isn’t just a river–it’s an ecological journey along a waterway that supports all life on Earth.

Snaking its way through Brazil, Colombia and Peru, through the world’s largest tropical rainforest is the Amazon Rainforest.

The best way to experience the Amazon River’s wildlife, local customs, jungle landscapes and sheer beauty is onboard a cruise.

But not all cruises are equal, especially if you’re after a luxury experience.

The Peruvian section of the Amazon River welcomes the most luxurious cruise ships in the region, such as the Aria Amazon from Aqua Expeditions.

Forty-five metres long and featuring floor-to-ceiling-windows, this award-winning ship was designed by the innovative Peruvian architect, Jordi Puig, and is the crème de la crème of luxury cruise ships on the Amazon.

Recently refurbished to world-class standards, including a new spa interior for enhanced relaxation and an outdoor river-facing Jacuzzi, the vessel features 16 spacious suites, each measuring 23 square meters (250 square feet).




Image: Aqua Expeditions

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to float in pure luxury on the beautiful Amazon River, but these words come to mind: magical, sublime, extraordinary, and, well…special.

Not many people get to experience a river cruise on the Amazon, much less in opulent comfort and style, where every whim is catered for by a 1:1 staff to guest ratio.

You’ll feel safe, too, thanks to Aqua Expeditions’ highly experienced river pilots and their commitment to the highest safety standards.




Image: Aqua Expeditions

Depending on how much time you have up your sleeve, Aria Amazon offers a 7-night, 4-night or 3-night Amazon river cruise.

Each cruise ventures deep into the rainforest, immersing guests in the sights and sounds of the Amazon: did you know that more than 20 per cent of the world’s birds live here? You’ll definitely here them.




With the world-renowned Consulting Chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, behind the onboard menu, guests will dine like Amazonian kings and queens in opulent dining and lounges areas.

As a fully-inclusive cruise, all meals—spanning traditional Peruvian fare to international favourites—are included onboard, as are most beverages (non-alcoholic, select premium wines, sparkling wine and national beer).




Image: Aqua Expeditions

The Amazon’s amazing variety of birds, monkeys, dolphins, turtles, fish (including piranhas-yikes!) are literally on display all year round.

Kayaking, biking and fishing excursions on private speedboats led by knowledgeable guides take you further into the heart of the rainforest where you can learn about the habitats of the local wildlife and communities that have been living here for centuries.




Image: Aqua Expeditions

Sailing onboard the Aria Amazon is possible all year-round, although it’s useful to remember that the area’s rainy season falls between December and March, which may impact certain shore excursions.

But even still, the rainy season on the Amazon only sees about 10 per cent more rain than the dry season, so don’t let this put you off from booking a once-in-a-lifetime luxury cruise in this special part of the world.  


For more information on cruising the Amazon in luxurious style, visit Aqua Expeditions website here.