PERU'S HARMONIOUS HOTELS: Luxury low impact living

Peru prides itself on its natural assets and its gorgeous landscapes — it’s what attracts thousands of visitors each year in the process.

Peru prides itself on its natural assets and its gorgeous landscapes — it’s what attracts thousands of visitors each year in the process.

But it’s the destination’s commitment to sustainable operational practices, which don’t compromise on comfort and luxury, that’s truly impressive.

Here are three luxury hotels in Peru that don’t skimp on sustainability.




Smack back in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon and sitting at the confluence of the Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers, the eco-friendly Treehouse Lodge is secluded luxury above the trees.

To get here, you’ll need to travel by boat to a small dock and then walk along a covered walkway to your own private bungalow, equipped with everything you need for a comfy stay: showers, sinks, toilets, clean white linens, etc.

You’ll wake each morning to the sound of monkeys and birds, and to the most glorious panorama, eye-level with the forest canopy. And that’s before sitting down for an amazing, chef-prepared breakfast—the first of many meals you’ll have at the all-inclusive Treehouse Lodge.

The Treehouse Lodge takes sustainability very seriously, and operate their business in a way that reduces its impact on the surrounding environment, whilst still offering guests all the comforts of a high-end stay.

For example, they’ve recently added a solar power system that powers the entire grounds, and most of the water used at the lodge is sourced from the nearby rivers. You really couldn’t be in a more remote spot of the jungle if you tried.

This is pure wilderness, with a lavish touch.




Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Another hotelier worth praising is Inkaterra. Proving that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for sustainability, this brotherhood of luxury hotels has been supporting the environment and local communities for over 40 years.

The hotel has been preserving an eco-system and way of life from the potential pitfalls of over tourism. And all this whilst giving guests the five-star treatment: spas, world-class cuisine, amazing rooms.

Inkaterra has seven unique properties in Peru—four in Cusco, and three dotted throughout the Amazon—and each is a standing testament to sustainable tourism.




Located in a remote and ancient corn plantation near Urquillos village in Peru’s Sacred Valley, roughly between Cuzco and Machu Pichu, explora Valle Sagrado was designed to blend harmoniously with its surrounding environment.

Flanked by the majestic Andean Mountains, this luxurious, all-inclusive hotel embraces unvarnished wooden walls and floors throughout and features 50 beautiful rooms, each with an amazing view.

But it’s really the hotels’ focus on educating its guests on the surrounding nature and culture that makes explora Valle Sagrado special. With over 30 explorations to choose from, guests get to discover small traditional towns and well-preserved ancient ruins before returning back to the hotel for fresh, world-class food.

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