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The easiest part of selling a destination is to sell how easy it is to get there! Qantas is making those travel goals in South Africa easier than ever for […]

The easiest part of selling a destination is to sell how easy it is to get there! Qantas is making those travel goals in South Africa easier than ever for your customers and this is how:



Imagine the productivity you can achieve in 14 hours of uninterrupted travel – J.K Rowling could have started writing Harry Potter on this flight for all we know. For your customers, this means starting their holiday sooner and forgoing airport transits, swap-overs and less chance of luggage being lost (touch wood).

The best part is that Qantas offer this service 6 times a week ex. Sydney making it one of the most efficient and convenient ways to experience South Africa. Even better, if you have customers coming from New Zealand or other east-coast points in Australia – they can connect on same-day flights!




Kick off your customers holiday the right way and upgrade them to the only airline offering Premium Economy on a non-stop flight to Jo’Burg ex. Aus. It’s the little things that will make this experience memorable like cabin-dedicated flight attendants, in-built footrest, ergonomic reclining seat, extra legroom and even extra elbow room – creating that little bit of luxe in the sky.

Did we mention Qantas are the only airline offering this to South Africa – it sounds African-mazing to us!




Johannesburg market. Credit: South Africa Tourism

It’s no doubt that Johannesburg is oozing with culinary delights, world-class shopping, bucket list animal experiences & picturesque scenery but did you know it can also connect your customers to 26 interline destinations in 16 countries with South African Airways and OneWorld partner, British Airways (operated by Comair). With great arrival/departure times, you can work any itinerary around them and if you’re not sure on booking classes – check out the Qantas Agents Hub for support!




It’s either the first or last thing people think about when flying but seating layout is becoming a major deciding factor when choosing an airline. Luckily, the Dreamliner 787-400 can cater for every traveller. For our families travelling with young ones, the 3-4-3 layout lets everyone stay together without being scattered across different rows.

For our couple travellers, the Premium Economy seats offer a 2-4-2 option, meaning privacy and relaxation are as simple as a window seat & aisle seat! Did we mention Business class is the best of both worlds meaning the 2-3-2 layout can cater to families, couples, solo travellers and well, anyone who’s lucky enough to experience it!

If you’ve been wondering how to sell the benefits of getting to the other side of the world, look no further than the simplicity of the services Qantas offer.

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Written by Mel Bobbermein, KARRYON contributor

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