GOLDEN CITY: 6 reasons to start your US holiday in San Francisco

The USA is as popular as ever with Aussie travellers and SFO International Airport is pulling out all the stops to show agents why you should #flySFO.

The USA is as popular as ever with Aussie travellers and SFO International Airport is pulling out all the stops to show agents why you should #flySFO.

Let’s start with the team: The staff at SFO been ranked the best in North America twice in five years – maybe travellers just can’t resist that airport butler (yep, it’s real) – and that’s just the beginning. From yoga rooms and self-guided art tours to a pig in a tutu, this is not your average airport. SFO incorporates the funky spirit of its hometown to keep weary travellers entertained and stress-free.




If your clients are visiting other destinations on their big adventure, connectivity is important. Lucky for you, SFO is a massive hub. Here’s what you need to know:

62 airlines service SFO connecting passengers nonstop to 83 domestic and 49 international destinations.

It’s also crazy efficient – our mate tells us she once got from her seat on a flight ex Sydney through customs and out to curbside pickup at SFO in 19 minutes! Beat that. We dare you.




Missed your chance to get clam chowder in a bread bowl at Fisherman’s Wharf? The famed Boudin Bakery has you covered.

Trying to consume every last morsel of delicious Mexican food before you fly out? Hit up 24th & Mission Taco House.

More inclined towards the finer things in life? Enjoy a meal from a Michelin starred chef at Tartine.

Believe it or not, you can get all of these at the airport. With a strong emphasis on locally sourced cuisine and much loved SF restaurants, you’ll be hard pressed to find a big chain at SFO.




Hate looking like a tourist? SFO has got your back. The airport now houses a vending machine dispensing puffy vests – commonly recognised as the uniform of the Bay Area’s venture capital investors. Given the city’s famed fog (lovingly known as Karl) and unique climate of the San Francisco Bay, this style choice could come in very handy if the weather takes a turn!




With all the chaos of travelling, sometimes it’s nice to take a moment to relax and stretch out. SFO has two dedicated yoga rooms, so weary travellers can rejuvenate with a few sun salutations or chill out in savasana pose.




Not much of a yogi? Perhaps you’re an aviation nerd or you’re more into art. Lucky for you, each terminal at SFO has rotating exhibitions to educate and entertain travellers.

The International Terminal is also home to an Aviation Museum & Library, which is actually a replica of the old airport terminal.

If that’s not enough, you can have your own mini film festival while you’re waiting to board! The International Terminal also has a mini movie theatre showing a series short films.




Wag Brigade

The rumours are true – SFO International Airport has a full crew of therapy animals that roam the airport to calm nervous travellers and just make everyone happy. Proudly known as the Wag Brigade, this team of fluffballs is largely made up of precious pups, but it also includes one very special guest: a piano playing pig named Lilou. To make it even cuter, they all have business cards. Make SFO your gateway of choice and you can collect them all!



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