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VIEWS ON VIEWS: Our Top 10 Breathtaking Views Of Switzerland

If there are two things that will leave you speechless in Switzerland it’s the spectacular views and the incredible scenery. We’ve combined both of these to bring you the best […]

If there are two things that will leave you speechless in Switzerland it’s the spectacular views and the incredible scenery.

We’ve combined both of these to bring you the best views Switzerland has to offer, as well as alternative ways of getting there that may just throw you off the beaten track.




The Via Alpina is a challenging mountain hike through the picture-perfect landscape of the Swiss Alps. What makes it worth it?

The view from the top, the view from the bottom and every view in-between. The incredible culture, flora & fauna are an outdoor-enthusiasts dream!




If you’re after a gentle walk through the Swiss natural wonderland, you will find yourself immersed in the Jura Landscape.

With magnificent cliff drops to vast open plains with trees as far as the eye can see – you will never feel so relaxed after a 15-day hike!




Okay, this particular photo opportunity will require some steady foot work, pre-holiday exercise and some serious commitment.

With 34 stages of hiking to discover, the aim is to discover a new world with each valley – and to leave the old one behind. Trust us, the views are seriously worth it!




Evening panorama from Monte Bre overlooking Lugano

Monte Brè (933 m) is a small mountain east of Lugano. It is an excellent observation point over Lake Lugano and the Alps. This is just one of the many ways to grasp the beauty of the landscape but the best part is – there is a cable car ride down if you’ve hit your 10,000 step goal for the day (you will!).




Have you been searching for panoramic views of Switzerland? This trail is the one for you! Not only will you get incredible views of the open fields but the alpine meadows are full of grazing goats and a welcoming little mountain restaurant serves its own produce such as goat’s milk, goat’s cheese, meat and yoghurt. Cute!




From the terraces of Nendaz, situated at between 1300 and 1400 metres above sea level, a fantastic mountain panorama unfolds with views of the Bernese, Valais and Vaud Alps. Switzerland, has the largest ancient irrigation channel network that is still in use today. Along these channels there are 98 kilometres of magical water trails that are a very unique edition to the typical hike.




Just getting there is already a breathtaking experience – on Griesalp, the starting point of the two-day tour, the steepest post bus route in Europe battles its way upwards. It also seems to be the narrowest! It’s also one of the parts of the Swiss Alps that is UNESCO listed – you can see why.




The Panorama Trail is a magical ridge walk: in just under two hours, hikers can journey through the solar system as they admire the superb panoramas. Equally stunning views can be revered on the short high-altitude hike up to the Felsenegg, close to Switzerland’s first and only nature adventure park: the Zurich-Sihlwald Wilderness Park.




View near Versam in Canton Graubuenden at the Ruinaulta (Rhine Gorge)

It all began 10,000 years ago. Between the Flimserstein (a high plateau) and Piz Grisch over 10,000 million cubic metres of rock broke off and thundered down into the valley. From there the Rhine got to work, eating greedily through the rock and creating the spectacular Swiss “Grand Canyon” – the Ruinaulta. With its turquoise colours and idyllic inlets, Lake Cauma quickly gives you a Mediterranean feeling and obviously lives up to its reputation as being one of the most popular bathing lakes.




Flanked by 32 4,000-metre peaks and only a few minutes from the Bettmerhorn mountain station, a spectacular experience is in store: the Great Aletsch Glacier. On hot summer days the fresh glacier breeze is perfect for a picnic with a view (if you are game to carry the basket). Carved into the rock, the wide mountain trail finally winds its adventurous way to Lake Märjelen.

While the variety of views are endless, so are the ways of getting there with an almost infinite number of routes to let you explore some of the worlds most beautiful landscapes! There is simply no other country that is better prepared for its wandering guests and who doesn’t love the thrill of walking endlessly – we only recommend packing great shoes and heaps of spare batteries for your camera!

To learn more about the best views Switzerland has to offer, visit myswitzerland.com.