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SHOCK AND AWE: Top ways to impress corporate clients in Japan

From perfect plates of sushi to the latest in haute couture fashion, Japan has plenty for a business trip Japan is sensory overload, whether you are joining the thousands of […]

From perfect plates of sushi to the latest in haute couture fashion, Japan has plenty for a business trip

Japan is sensory overload, whether you are joining the thousands of people that cross Shibuya Crossing every time the lights turn green or finding the best gyoza in a humble eatery hidden under a railway arch. Or going at the crack of dawn to the newly relocated Tsukiji Fish Market to watch the auctions for the world’s freshest fish.

Take your clients to Japan on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight and you will discover Japan at its best. Using Tokyo as a hub, ANA can send you all over Japan and with convenient night flights from Australia – and comfy seats (with a pitch of 86.4 cms) –  you can arrive ready to see the sights.

Your Japanese visit starts in the air with an authentic Japanese inflight meal and an original drink, ANA’s “aromatic kabosu”.

Then, once on the ground, here are some suggestions on how to make an impact on a trip to Japan.


Osaka is a food town, home to ramen, okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes) and tokoyaki (fried octopus balls), but it also has some of the country’s finest sushi. At the Swissotel Nankai Osaka your clients will be impressed by the freshness, clarity and artistic flair at Hana-Goyomi Japanese Restaurant; perfection on a plate.

In Tokyo, the freshest fish is still found near where the Tsukiji Fish markets used to be. The stalls in the “outer market”, places such as Sushi Dai or Daiwa Sushi will spoil you for any other plate of fish.

And ANA can get you easily between the two cities – or why not fly into Tokyo and out of Osaka back to Australia!


The Pullman Tokyo Tamachi is one of Tokyo’s newest addresses, opening earlier this year just above the busy Tamachi railway station. You can sip cocktails from one of Asia’s top bartenders, Roman Foltan (of award-winning Singaporean bar Atlas), in the open-air Platform 9 bar while you make a deal or take a walk along the nearby canals. This is a great base for a business stay in the capital.


Tokyo’s trendiest shopping lies in the boulevards and back streets of this commercial area where Tokyo’s coolest consumers come to shop. Cutting-edge local designers, high-end international brands – or a whole laneway dedicated to sneakers – this is one area you have to take clients. Also, keep a look out for cat cafes, and even a hedgehog café, because the Japanese do love a good dose of kawaii (cuteness).




Trying to reproduce the beautiful Kanji characters with ink and brush is a calming, rewarding – and very humbling – team-building exercise. You truly appreciate the years of dedication that your calligraphy teacher has put in when you see the effortless way they shape their characters – and how far removed it is from your efforts!



All Nippon Airways (ANA) has some of the best corporate services to Japan with great overnight connections from Australia. You will get a great night’s rest on the fleet of B787-9 Dreamliner aircraft on all flights between AU-JP.

ANA is Japan’s largest airline with the country’s largest domestic network, so you can criss-cross the country to see as much as you want.

And if you fly Business Class you will arrive ready to tackle all the fun an frenzy of a trip to Japan.

To plan your trip to Japan visit ANA.


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