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First, he relaxed in Santorini, and now Travel Counsellors’ Fred van Eijk, is relaxing back on the island of Amorgos in part two of his five-part series on Greece.

In a competition for the brightest azure waters, the island Amorgos would win with flying colours. This is my second stop on an island-hopping trip and also the longest.

I spent five nights in the unfussy Alexander the Great Rooms, blessed with the perfect location and sweetest owners – the grandparents of a friend of mine. These studios can be found in the lively yet utterly relaxed harbour village Aegiali. A village with a handful of great restaurants, bars, cafes and a delightful beach.

Enjoy the views from the unfussy Alexander the Great Rooms.

Enjoy the views from the unfussy Alexander the Great Rooms.

What else could you possibly need?

The Greek students who reside here in summers cater to an easy-going atmosphere together with the relaxed families from Italy and France. Blissful children enjoy what the locals and nature have to offer. Not a buffet, water slide or other mass tourism traits in sight. There isn’t even an airport. The many French visitors have seen the island as the star of the bestselling French movie “Le Grand Blue” by the director Luc Besson. The stunning azure bays weren’t left unnoticed by many filmmakers.

Get a bite to eat at Chora Cafe.

Get a bite to eat at the main town’s Chora Cafe.

Aegiali is one of those villages that is hard to leave. Yet, you won’t want to miss out on other scenic spots on this island. Hikers will know where to find the diverse walking routes and mountain trails. Divers will plunge into the depths of the blue sea. But hiring a car or taking the local buses that connect all the main sights, will also help you to uncover the island’s many treasures.

The main town of Amorgos is Chora. One of those towns you’ll easily drive right past, without noticing. But let yourself be surprised, park your rental car and discover how lovely the village is. Meander through the narrow streets with trendy cafe’s, boutiques, cosy little restaurants and ateliers of local designers.

Amorgos aghia-anna

Aghia Anna is home to crystal-clear water & enticing caves.

How about a refreshing dive into the gorgeous azure water? Pay a visit to the film location Aghia Anna and the Bay of Mouros Beach. A pebbled beach and haven for snorkelers due to the crystal-clear water and enticing caves. Spend lunchtime at the taverna next to the parking lot and stare over the bay, It doesn’t get any bluer than this, while you enjoy a Greek salad and fresh fish. Freshened up, you’re ready to view one of the island’s most famous attractions; the Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa built on a steep cliff all the way back in 1088.

Amorgos taverna-mouros-beach

Pay a visit to the film location Aghia Anna and the bay of Mouros Beach.

Amorgos is around 40km long and on the widest point is around 5km wide. It has less than 2000 residents and in high season around 8000 vacationers blending with the relaxed locals. This is truly an island to reset and unwind. My studio was basic but clean. If you prefer to step up, I can recommend you Lakki Village. A completely renovated complex of rooms studios and apartments. It’s located on the magical beach of Aegiali, built in an orchard spreading over a wide area. A place ideal for anyone and a paradise for children.


Amorgos has ferries between Athens, port of Piraeus on the mainland and between other islands such as Crete, Naxos, Paros and Santorini. The two ports on Amorgos where the ferries come in are Katapola and Aegiali (changes on even and odd days). The journey from Piraeus to one of these ports will last 7,5 hours and costs around 40 euro (economy class, one way) and 50 euro (business class, recommended!) A taxi ride between Katapola and Aegiali takes you 30 minutes and costs around 30 euro.

Part 3 of my island hopping trip will be online soon.


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