WIN WIN WIN: We recently tested the L.A. Insider program, and here's our verdict...

Nothing beats actually travelling to the destination you're trying to sell. Sure, you can ask your colleagues for help in putting together the ultimate Los Angeles itinerary, or just google something online...

Nothing beats actually travelling to the destination you’re trying to sell. Sure, you can ask your colleagues for help in putting together the ultimate Los Angeles itinerary, or just google something online…

But an online training program is the next best thing to being there, and therefore definitely worth your time – that’s if it’s well-designed and thought-out, though…

We recently had the chance to test drive the L.A. Insider Specialist Training Program to see if it’s claim of turning you into an “instant expert” was just mere hyperbole or the actual truth. And we were pleasantly surprised.

Here are three reasons why you should register for the L.A. Insider Specialist Training Program today…


1. Agents are rewarded, plus it’s easy to use

Discounts, prizes, self-famils and the chance to win a global FAM (including flights and accommodation) to attend the L.A. Awards Shows – agents that complete the L.A. Insider Specialist Training Programme have access to all of this.

Plus, it’s so, so, so, easy to use, super short in duration, and is accessible on the go via mobile and tablet. We even tried using it on our morning commute, and it worked like a charm!

All this means that agents will spend more time actually getting more knowledge on Los Angeles instead of trying to figure out how to use it, which is often the case with other tourism board training programs…


2. You’ll become an expert on a destination that’s always in demand

Los Angeles has always been and always will be a super popular destination for Australian travellers, so you really do need to know your Venice Beach from your Downtown, and your Getty Museum from The Broad.

Thankfully, the L.A. program will take you from absolute noob to expert quicker than it takes you to shout Hollywood, through a series of quick and entertaining neighbourhood videos and easy-to-read content.

You’ll even get a cool L.A. Insider certificate upon completion that you can hang on your wall at the office!


3. The L.A. Insider program will help you sell more

The travelling public is pretty savvy and discerning these days, and they’re looking for information and expertise that they can’t get from Tripadvisor and random google searches. In short, travellers want to talk with agents that know their stuff.

From giving agents the low-down on the different enclaves of the City of Angeles, to revealing insider tips on things to do in Los Angeles, this program will instil confidence in your L.A. selling skills, and this can only land agents more bookings.

Plus, you can even use the cool videos, images and itinerary to do the selling for you. We were differently itching to book a holiday to Los Angeles, and collectively we’ve all been at least two times each!

So yeah, you could say we were pretty chuffed with this online program, and we think you would be too! So what are you waiting for?


Now is the best time to register for the L.A. Insider Specialist Program – aka, the One-Stop-Shop for Los Angeles information – as you can win a $25 gift card.

So don’t delay, and register at

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