There’s only one way for a country’s tourism board to truly tell its own story & it’s by showcasing all of its assets. For New Zealand, this includes its rich culture and people, natural wonders, hospitality & time difference.

Tourism New Zealand, the country’s tourism board, has flipped the perspective of the time difference when travelling to Oceania into a positive in its newest campaign called ‘Good morning world’.

Instead of losing up to two days when travelling to the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is reminding travellers (in the warmest way possible) that a visit to the country allows them to be among the first in the world to start a new day.

So for the next 365 days, the world is going to see a different short video featuring REAL! Kiwi’s starting their day in their favourite destinations, enjoying their favourite experiences.

Like this beautiful clip…

And this classic…

The AU$3m campaign officially began on the 17th of June and has been launched in the Australian market first, with global markets to follow.

Speaking at a launch event today in Sydney, Tourism New Zealand General Manager Australia, Andrew Waddell said;

“This kind of storytelling is a way of connecting yourself to people and place but is also the Maori cultural way of connecting with others. We want you to leave with a deep-rooted sense of connection whenever you visit New Zealand.”

“We know that our visitors come for the landscapes and our unique natural beauty, but they leave as family thanks to the warm embrace they feel from the people. That’s the story of our 100% Pure Welcome.”

Tourism New Zealand General Manager Australia, Andrew Waddell

The launch video begins with a Maori elder and a child (not actors btw) singing before the elder says “did you know, New Zealand is pretty much the first place in the world to see the sun”.

She goes on to explain that because the country is the first to “rise and shine each morning”, its people have “more time up their sleeves” to be courteous, breathe, enjoy life, and be hospitable.

The campaign is a real winner and is sure to capture the attention of worldwide travellers seeking a more authentic connection on their travels as the stories build daily with something for everyone.

What do you think about the new campaign?