2020 VISION: Contiki Legends Unveils Epic Europe Remixed

From surfing in Portugal to floating yoga and walking tours in London supporting the homeless; Contiki’s 2020 Europe trips have been remixed for a new breed of traveller.

From surfing in Portugal to floating yoga and walking tours in London supporting the homeless; Contiki’s 2020 Europe trips have been remixed for a new breed of traveller.

Now in its SIXTH year, Contiki Legends is THE annual event that sees VIP agents, industry aficionados, influencers and celebrities turn out to hear about all that’s new and exciting.

Last night was no different as the original youth travel experts rocket launched its 2020 line-up of European Summer trips, blasting off at Sydney’s Max Watt’s venue.

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DJ Shan revs up the crowd

DJ Shan revs up the crowd

Throughout the night, a 300+ strong ‘up for it’ crowd got a taster of some of the new and iconic experiences in different themed rooms throughout the venue, bringing to life Contiki’s announcement of their new European range.


So what’s new for 2020?

In short, this is perhaps the biggest overhaul of Contiki’s Europe product to date with the distinctively different wants and needs of the Gen Z traveller (born in the mid-1990s to early-2000s) now a core focus.

Some of the significant highlights include;

  • Stylish new accommodation – Out are the hostels and hotels that didn’t make the design cool cut and in are the new generation of upscale Euro stays to hang and party in style with all the trimmings. Most of the accommodation will also be exclusive to Contiki.
  • Tours of all shapes and sizes – From 24 travellers to 40+, there’s a Contiki tour for every 18-35-year-old to add even more flexibility and choice.
Riad, Marrakesh

Riad, Marrakesh

  • Small group trains will be taking the spotlight for 2020 with Contiki getting travellers to their dream destinations whilst enjoying scenic views to Euro hotspots such as Berlin, Barcelona and Budapest.
  • 45 brand new localised European experiences (making up 300 in total) such as; Whisky tasting and folk tales with a Scotsman in Edinburgh Gondolier lessons in Venice, Floating Yoga in Portugal and Base flying in Germany.
Floating Yoga in Portugal

Floating Yoga in Portugal

  • Other new experiences such as a surf camp in Portugal and exploring the Croatian Islands and National Parks.
  • More Contiki Cares experiences including walking tours of London with Unseen, a not for profit organisation that trains former homeless people to be guides; local community farmed and eco-friendly table dinners in Salzburg, Sarajevo, Split and Iceland; and e-docs which will see one tree planted every time a traveller says no to printing


Who are the Contiki Cares Agent Ambassadors?

Contiki Cares Ambassadors

Contiki Cares Ambassadors incl Katrina Barry (Contiki MD second left))

Contiki also announced their travel agent Contiki Cares Ambassador winners, who will spread and support Contiki’s sustainability mission.

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The BIG winners on the night were; Kate Buchanan (STA Travel), Teagan Beauman (Flight Centre), Katie Alexander (Universal Traveller), and Bailee King (Helloworld Travel.)

All of the winners will receive an all-expenses-paid Contiki Cares trip of a lifetime, GoPro gear and training, and the chance to drive change as the voice of Contiki Cares.

Massive congrats Legends!


What else went down on the night?

The immersive experiences on the night guests got to savour included:

A Munich beer garden with plenty of fresh brews and pretzels and a bar that came to life when powered by another guest pedalling a bike. Talk about cycling for a good cause!

A Spanish tapas train where guests grazed on some of Barcelona’s best dishes and finest traditional red wine…

And a Tuscan feast room where the hilarious Nonnas, Ceila and Gina of MasterChef fame, served delicious pasta from giant cheese wheels.

PAP TIME: Check out all the photos from the night on Facebook here

Dj Shan

Dj Shan

A sassy troupé of flamenco dancers kept the party-goers revved up while Perth’s renowned DJ Shann Frenzy kept the dancefloor hotter than a summer night in Madrid with a superstar set of non-stop tunes.

Managing Director for Contiki, Katrina Barry, shared some insights on stage into Contiki’s mission and how travellers are changing as Gen Z (born in the mid-1990s to early-2000s) enters the market;

“We exist to help travellers experience the world. We understand that social travel has changed, and we too have evolved our offering. Gen Zs are more likely to have travelled extensively by the age of 21, 50% belong to a minority race or ethnic group, they’re better informed and are therefore more open to new and adventurous experiences.”

Katrina Barry, Contiki MD

Katrina Barry, Contiki MD

Katrina also revealed the significance of the whopping 61 million Gen Z out there, saying they’ll have $44 billion spending power by 2020 and account for 40% of all 18-35-year-old consumers.

Continuing to reveal Contiki’s answer to this changing market, Katrina said;

“Our approach has been to curate trips that are more streamlined, have the right size group for the experience and destination, new modes of transport and shorter itineraries for those that want it.”

Katrina Barry, Contiki MD

Europe 2020 goes on sale today.

And the best bit… There’s 25% OFF Contiki Europe from today until 31 October!

Find out more: www.contiki.com.au

John Veitch (CEO TTC), Belinda Ward (Contiki), Katrina Barry (Contiki MD), Dave Hoskins (Treadright)

John Veitch (CEO TTC), Belinda Ward (Contiki), Katrina Barry (Contiki MD), Dave Hoskins (Treadright)