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24 hours in Canada: Collette's James Hewlett says entry is literally "a stroll"

Canada stopped pre-arrival tests on 5 April, which opened the door (or turnstile) for a super swift visit by Collette’s James Hewlett on 9 April.

Canada stopped pre-arrival tests on 5 April, which opened the door (or turnstile) for a super swift visit by Collette’s James Hewlett on 9 April.

A positive family RAT jettisoned previous plans to join Collette’s sales team in Kentucky, so I found myself studying a map of North America wondering where to go for 24-hours en route to Collette’s head offices in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

With Collette’s Best of Eastern Canada tour high on the list of favourites for Australian travellers, an independent glimpse of one of the wonders of the natural world seemed a logical diversion.

Getting from Buffalo (New York state) airport to the Sheraton Falls View (the hotel on the tour), on the Canadian side of the falls is a fun journey in itself.

The taxi driver from BUF nearly ejected me on learning of my international destination, the compromise being to disembark at the US side of Rainbow bridge and walk it.

With ArriveCAN complete, I navigated the turnstile and strolled across – the view from Rainbow Bridge is spectacular!

Canada James Hewlett
Turnstile entry – reminiscent of an English football ground 20 years ago

Most pre-Covid polls place Iguazu Falls as the winner of the ‘world’s most beautiful international border’.

Charts miss Niagara and the insta-worthy view from Rainbow Bridge. And yes! There is a midway point to pose with a limb in each country. These days the opportunity to cross any international border, regardless of its beauty, seems reward enough.

Canada James Hewlett
Canada US Border, Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow bridge got a lot of use through Covid, where entry on foot would avoid costly mandatory hotel quarantines associated with air travel (reported at US$2,000 for three nights). So smart Canadians walked the border crossing and then used other transport to make it home to quarantine.

‘Niagara never stops’ – so say the souvenir sweaters. And on a chilly April morning, with snow and ice wrapping the foundation of the falls, people were scarce to witness the water power over the 52m drop.

In October 2018, 18 months before Australian borders closed, the state of Ontario legalized recreational
marijuana. Seeing evidence of something that is quite alien to the average Aussie sparks great conversation.

The clear sign to remind residents not to smoke a joint when at border control on the return to the USA, a smile!

Canada James Hewlett
Put out that joint

I didn’t anticipate learning about the origin of the name of the car company Tesla. Inventor Nikola Tesla.

It is at Niagara that perhaps Tesla’s greatest concept (AC power) now facilitates power for 3.8million homes. His age when exclaiming that Niagara could power the world? 12.

As we emerge from our island isolation, there is no doubt about the true value of travel.

Just 24-hours in Canada and topics and conversations ranged from sustainable energy to legalizing marijuana, tourism, soaring inflation and Canada’s Covid experience.

I found myself recalling words expressed by industry veteran and Collette CEO Dan Sullivan – “travel is the greatest educator”.

Canada James Hewlett
Niagara Falls Canadian Side

Want to work with James at Collette? They are on the hunt for a Marketing Manager and two BDMs (QLD & SA).

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