NEXT LEVEL: Tahiti has a new island that's so private, you have to book the whole resort

‘Next level’ doesn’t begin to sum up the privacy, luxury and world-class treatment guests will receive when they (and if they can afford to) book Tahiti’s new private island.

‘Next level’ doesn’t begin to sum up the privacy, luxury and world-class treatment guests will receive when they (and if they can afford to) book Tahiti’s new private island.

Sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (literally), the newest addition to the Tahiti Islands is so exclusive that travellers can only stay there IF they book the entire resort.

Read on to discover ‘Nukutepipi’ why it’ll always be a dream for us non-cashed up folk.




Officially opening its doors last week, Nukutepipi is one of the smallest atolls in French Polynesia, measuring up to 5.6 kilometres in total.

The Pacific’s deep blue water surrounds the destination and accommodation, which was uniquely designed to respect the natural environment by protecting local flora and fauna.

According to Tahiti Tourisme, guests will find more than 15 types of birds on the island and an array of stunning scenery. They’ll also appreciate the privacy, which is available thanks to the island’s strict exclusivity rule that it’s only available for rent to groups of up to 52 people.

You either book the whole thing or you don’t visit.




Nukutepipi can accommodate 52 guests at a time, assuming they’re all part of the same booking.

Rooms are divided into three categories: Master Residence, which is secluded and has its own private pool, Junior Villas that have views of the ocean, outdoor lounges and a private pool, and Bungalows that sit on the beach.

All guests will receive full-service treatment and find themselves amidst tropical vegetation.

It’s also important to note that the island’s accommodation has been created to pay tribute to the Polynesian cultural traditions.




There’s no shortage of hotel facilities at Nukutepipi with a Kaipoa Beach Bar, the main restaurant (Fare Kai Tuatako), a spa, cinema, games room, artwork collections on display and fitness rooms.

Guests can also choose to hang out in the hammock area, yoga room, oversized Jacuzzi or check out the DJ booth.

There’s an array of sporting options from tennis courts to basketball courts, boats for diving, an astronomical observatory and more.




As mentioned earlier, Nukutepipi is literally located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and around 1,000km from Bora Bora, however, getting there isn’t as tricky as one might think (although we definitely don’t recommend swimming there because unless you’re Ross Edgley, you probably won’t survive).

From Australia, travellers can fly to Auckland and catch a non-stop flight to Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport. Upon arrival, holidaymakers will transfer to a privately chartered flight to Nukutepipi.

Flight time from Faa’a to paradise can take up to 2.5 hours.



If you can afford (or know someone that can), accommodation is being sold through the South Pacific Management Group. Click here to get a quote.