A new boutique property has opened its doors in Mallorca, Spain but there’s a catch if you want to stay there: you need to be over 14 and female.

Hotel Som Dona has 39 rooms and is fitted out with a pool, roof-top terrace, restaurant and a wellness centre for massages and beauty treatments.

The property is described as a new space for women who are looking to disconnect from the stress of daily life (cough, men) with personalised care tailored to their needs.


The website describes the hotel as being decked out with “bold decoration inspired by feminine features” while the rooms are large and well lit with views out to the forest.

The decor based around a bright red-and-white colour palette and a modern vibe. There is also a plethora of healthy cuisine made with “zero-kilometre” products.

Som Dona said it hopes to welcome a whole range of (female) guests from solo travellers and couples through to mothers and daughters and larger girls getaway groups.


Som Hotels president, Joan Enric Capellá, said surveys by the group revealed that female customers liked the idea of a women-only hotel.

And he also noted that countries such as Germany and Japan already have women-only hotels for travellers.

“Som Dona, will meet the new demand for women-only spaces,” he said.


The hotel will also offer a range of tours around the holiday with its island turquoise waters and historic towns.

While no male guests can stay here, it is interesting to note that the property may have some male members of staff in keeping with Spanish gender discrimination laws.