An aviation loving couple have had their wedding dreams come true after tying the knot at 37,000 feet over the Tasman, with a little help from the orange matchmakers over at Jetstar.

Okay, so we all know Jetstar can be a little frustrating to deal with from time to time, but we have to give them credit for this one!

Cathy and David approached Jetstar with a special request to get married on a flight between Sydney and Auckland because David is from Australia and Cathy is from New Zealand.

To make their dream come true, Jetstar arranged for Cathy, David and their wedding party to sit upfront of a commercial flight across the Tasman where they could hold a ceremony and pledge their life-long commitment.

They were greeted on board by pilots and crew and enjoyed a special welcome when they landed in Auckland.


The love story

Karry On - Jetstar Wedding

Cathy and David’s love of aviation is what brought them together.

They met in 2011 playing a game called Airport City. They chatted online for more than a year before Cathy mustered up the courage to call David for his birthday and sing to him.

The romance evolved from there. They first met in person in 2013 at Sydney airport when Cathy took her first trip to Australia.

“We locked eyes and that was it!”

Cathy Valliant, Bride

On Halloween, three years later, Cathy & David travelled together on their first Dreamliner flight (with Jetstar, of course!), where David had planned to propose on board. However, he got too nervous with all the surrounding passengers and eventually proposed that evening.

It only seemed natural that this aviation loving couple tied the knot in the air.

After all, it was always love and first flight.

“It was a really special occasion and definitely the first time I’ve conducted a wedding in the air! Being a part of Cathy and David’s day and celebrating their love and their passion for aviation was unforgettable.”

Robyn Holt, Jetstar Ground Crew (and celebrant)


The ceremony

Couple gets married on Jetstar flight

When New Zealander, Cathy and David from Australia told us that they wanted to get married in-between their two countries, we knew we had to help make their dream come true. In what we believe to be a world first, the couple exchanged vows on a Jetstar flight, 34,000 feet above the Tasman. Watch the wedding here.

Posted by Jetstar Australia on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

“For our wedding, we wanted something really memorable. We wanted it symbolise our love for aviation, our love for Australia and New Zealand and our love for each other.”

Cathy thought she’d be cheeky and ask Jetstar to be the venue for their big day. Without telling Dave, she posted on Jetstar’s Facebook page with the request.

“I was so excited when they said they’d see what they could do. It was the most amazing experience and something we will remember for the rest of our lives.”

Cathy Valliant, Bride

The couple shares a love for planes and even has a rule that whoever sees the first commercial flight on any day doesn’t cook!


“I wish I’d met David 25 years ago. I feel our lives really started when we met. Since we met four years ago we’ve done so much together, it’s hard to picture life without him.”

Karry On - Jetstar Wedding

We wish them the happiest of marriages.